Style tip

Northern mood

Make it yours

Every day is unique

Create the perfect mood by mixing and matching rich colours and soft fabrics. Layer and combine elements to create your dream space, and then move them as often as you like. Every day is unique, just like your home.

Light, muted colours and natural materials help invoke a feeling of comfort and togetherness.

A large and wooden table top is a statement of natural strength and comfort. Almost like dining in the woods on a long summer night in Scandinavia.

Dream space

Northern mood in your bedroom

An organised bed allows for a calm and composed bedroom. Use a soft headboard, several cushions and a nightstand with books to get that comfortable and cosy vibe.

Explore beds

Every day is unique. Use different accessories to mix it up. An artwork collage, a lamp on the floor or a pendant in a corner… Go for it – your ideas, your style, your dream space!

Restyling can be a challenge and many small and large decisions need to be made. Get free input and make sure your vision comes to life in the most beautiful way.