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Adding a Scandinavian touch to an American home

Philadelphia, USA

Alejandro Bedoya & Beatrice Hilland

When soccer star Alejandro Bedoya and his wife, Beatrice, moved to Philadelphia, they were looking for a way to bring the look and feel of Danish design into their new home.

They chose BoConcept because it matched the style that they had envisioned for their home. “The BoConcept furniture brings out the best in our home because it’s a modern house with clean lines. Our home mixes industrial materials and metal with wood and a combination of light colours, which when matched together with BoConcept pieces, gave us the look we were going for.” Says Alejandro.

As for their favourite pieces in their new home? “Beatrice’s favourite piece is the green sofa because it reminds her of the green sofa she grew up with in her parent’s home back in Bergen, Norway. It also reminds her of the Scandinavian nature, fjords and trees because of the colour. She just knew we had to get it when she saw it and it adds great colour to our home.” Says Alejandro.

Designed by Jill Book, BoConcept Philadelphia.

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