A classy city concept in London

The stylish brothers Sam and Eddie share a spacious and elegant three bedroom apartment in the bustling city of London. They consulted BoConcept to get a new sofa but ended up with a total makeover of their big living room that they use for both working, relaxing and hanging out with their friends.

The brothers are ambitious clean-cut businessmen who dress in elegant suits for work and meetings, but their home, as well as their personalities, is absolutely relaxed with a friendly attitude that makes everyone feel welcome.

Combined working, living and dining room

Working, dining and living room combined

Use neutral colours as your base

“My favourite piece is the sofa”

Interior Designer Antonio López González found the perfect match for the Raslan brothers with the big comfortable Cenova sofa.

The dark grey and soft fabric acts as a calm base in their big room, while making lots of seating space for all their friends at the same time.

See the Cenova sofa
Imola chair is an iconic chair by BoConcept

Reading the morning news

This is the perfect spot!

Chiva coffee table, functional coffe table with built in storage

Eddie: ”My favourite is the coffee table – I really really wanted that one, when we saw it”
The Chiva coffee table is highly functional with its built-in storage. Store your magazines, books and other goods right next to your relaxing sofa spot. Quickly put them away again, in order to keep your room nice and tidy.

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The brothers are surrounded by cool and beautiful buildings in the lovely Mayfair District of London. One of these buildings has an extra special place in their hearts.
Being born and raised in Canada Sam and Eddie really value the Canadian Embassy located close to their home. They especially enjoy the view of this beautiful building covered in Canadian flags.

Enjoying the view

Great buildings in London, decorated by BoConcept

Wine shopping

A passion for both brothers

Meet the interior designer

Antonio López González

Antonio López is BoConcept’s talent behind the two brother’s new space. He is the kind of interior designer who loves the interaction with his customers. Seeing how happy they are, when they enjoy the end result, is very fulfilling to him.

Antonio makes sure that whatever furniture you go for matches both your style and how you live your everyday life. With Sam and Eddie they needed to be able to relax in a big and comfortable sofa with room for lots of friends. In fact, a sofa was all they came for at first. They had dining table, a rug and some large lamps they wanted to keep but besides that they were open to be inspired. Antonio’s solution with a new coffee table and an iconic arm chair really completed their multi-functional room.

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Customize your own sofa, interior decoration by BoConcept

Customising the new sofa

Together they found the perfect match

Designing in 3D

Plans and visions come alive