Design Icon no. 6

The Milano table

To be a BoConcept Design Icon means being a quintessential piece of furniture. It’s the perfect example of our decades-long commitment to design, quality and functionality. A global bestseller tested by you.

Intelligent design. Perfect proportions. Innovative details. Just three of the many reasons why the Milano table can be found in more than 143.000 homes around the world. An ideal combination of beauty and quality, the Milano table is a BoConcept Design Icon.

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Designer of the Milano table

Meet Morten Georgsen

Morten Georgsen was born in 1958 in Denmark and graduated as a Bachelor of Commerce from Aarhus University in 1982. He's the owner of Futhark - a design company located in Valencia, Spain - and has designed and developed wall systems and tables for BoConcept since 1992. Morten's design philosophy is simple: "I try to move people that normally wouldn’t buy design into this category, by making it accessible. What good is beautiful design if it never gains widespread acceptance"? Sold to more than 143.000 customers, the Milano table is a perfect example of this.

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