Design Icon no. 4

The Adelaide chair

To be a BoConcept Design Icon means being a quintessential piece of furniture. It’s the perfect example of our decades-long commitment to design, quality and functionality. A global bestseller tested by you.

Curves, comfort and character. Adelaide has it all! Curves inspired by the shape of an acorn. Comfort as a result of high-quality design, construction and materials. Character from the almost endless array of customisation options. A truly versatile piece of design, the Adelaide chair rightly takes its place as a BoConcept Design Icon.

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Designer of the Adelaide chair

Meet Henrik Pedersen

Born in Denmark in 1967, Henrik Pedersen finished a degree in fashion design in 1990, and six years later he founded his design company 365°. Henrik's passion is design. From fashion to product. And switching between categories is not a problem. As he puts it, "once you have been educated in design of any form, it's quite easy to make the change. The creative mindset is the same. You just have to change your mental toolbox". We've had the pleasure of working with Henrik since 2007, and he's the designer behind several of our iconic chairs.

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