Igls, Austria


Patscherkofel-Lounge is no ordinary seminar room. The 50 sqm space is situated on the Patscherkofel mountain and hovers some 1,965m above the town of Innsbruck. The space capitalises on its awe-inspiring views with a wall of floor-to-ceiling windows and large terrace balcony. Inside, attendees are met by a calming palette of natural wood. The challenge? To find a suitable chair with which to maximise on this extraordinary yet modestly-sized space.


BoConcept Innsbruck’s design incorporated the Florence chair by ARDE. It proved to be the perfect choice. The chair is captivating in isolation: an elegant form with precision detailing that echo the space’s high-quality finish. On the other hand, Florence’s slim-line one-piece seat delivers a confident simplicity – not demanding huge bandwidth from the attendees’ already stimulated senses – happy to quietly accentuate the beauty of this exceptional space. Florence’s light aesthetic and stackable design equip it to be easily stored and rearranged for the room’s changing needs: from 16-person U-seating to its max 30-person cinema configuration. Finally, the chosen customisation option of chrome and hand-selected oak veneer seamlessly complement the interior surfaces and existing furniture. As Adrian Egger, CEO of Patscherkofelbahn put it, “Perfect, timeless design that fits to our location.”

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