BoConcept means business

Brand story by Simon Keane-Cowell

Freedom! So goes the late, great George Michael's chart-topping hit of 1990, where he implores the public at large to change their perception of hum. No longer the schoolgirl heartthrob, he wants to be taken seriously as a singer- songwriter. The accompanying David Fincher-directed video, all moddy-noir and dripping with big-name supermodels of the day, does a lot of the heavy lifting here.

Now, I don't know whether George Michael ever owned BoConcept products - and thank you advance for humouring me and my tongue-in-cheek analogy. The point here is that the Danish design brand that's built its reputation internationally as a go-to brand for premium furniture, lighting and accessories, in no small part thanks to its global network of over 300 monobrand stores, could also be described as a victim of its own success, if you will...

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