Morten Georgsen’s Billund table for BoConcept offers a flexible, multi-functional solution for small spaces.


Extended domestic confinement has made us all think about our personal space. And for many of those in major, fashionable – read expensive – cities, realising how little of it we actually have. There are a couple of options. You can leave, head for the country or the suburbs and upsize your square footage. Or can you stay and be a little smarter with what you have.

As long-time BoConcept designer Morten Georgsen says, ‘London is horrendously expensive and Copenhagen is the same now. And we are being squeezed into smaller and smaller environments. So you have to think, “How do I optimise the few square feet I have?”.’

One of Georgsen’s own designs for BoConcept might be part of the solution. The Billund Table 0058. A simple, super-functional idea, in the grand tradition of Danish Design, the Billund is two tables in one: a four-legged four (or more) seater dining table or, with a simple flip and fold, a half-sized, three-legged two-seater for breakfast spreads or intimate dinners. Of course, it can also double-up as part-time desk or work table. The Billund comes in matt white, with striking exposed oak ankles, or in matt black with a walnut veneer top for a darker kind of sophistication.

The Billund proved its potential in small spaces as part of the URBAN RIGGER project. Designed as an affordable housing solution, URBAN RIGGER is a scalable, floating community of small apartments crafted out of up-cycled shipping containers. A smart space-saver, the Billund is a perfect fit.


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