BoConcept Business

Rotana Downtown Hotel

Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain

"Now it looks like home"

The hotel is located in the centre of Bahrain near all shopping malls and big companies and banks. It is a great place to stay for business travelers and families for holidays. The lobby had to be welcoming in terms of colors. Further, it had to be practical for different types of guests and heavy luggage.

The lobby has different corner, area and column types, so we decided to make use of these in our design of the different zones and lounge areas. This way, we were able to meet the needs of all guest types. We used many sofa and armchair types in these areas to create privacy. We did not use any partitions or big objects to block the areas.  We used the Carlton sofa in Estoril leather in the main lounge area next to the main road with a marble table as business/formal theme. We used Fly chairs with black Prato and a Fargo sofa in Estoril leather in a corner area. For the lounge area on the other side of the lobby, we used Carmo in black Estoril and Sazza fabric as comfort/family lounge mixed with Bermuda footstools in Rimini fabric. Finally, for the coffee shop we used Ogi chairs in leather, thereby making use of as much space as possible in the lobby without making it ‘too crowded’. All colors/materials were in grey and beige.