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The multipurpose space

Long-lasting disruptions to normality push us to rethink our values and the accepted way. And in these unprecedented times, we’re altering how we perceive and furnish our spaces. But what is home in the new decade.

Once, just a space for rest, relaxation and entertaining, today it’s the venue for nearly all facets of our everyday life. Monday morning meetings, a fitness class, learning a new skill, indulging in some self-care and growing food for the family all happen at home. Here’s three ways to make yours ready for the multipurpose evolution.

Think multi- functional

Clever multifunctional designs are great for multipurpose spaces. Sofa beds and the like have been mainstays for years. However, today there are many more options to help you create a more flexible home. Try a coffee table that converts to a dining table or a footstool that transforms into a single bed. But there’s more.


Consider rethinking designs that on face value have one use. Maybe your footstool could be just as useful as an extra coffee table. How about sourcing fitness equipment, like yoga mats and weights, that double as accessories? Or what if your sculptural side table could work as an occasional stool for unexpected guests?

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Relocate, relocate, relocate

Furniture has always been assigned to a room and pretty much stayed put. However, today that convention seems so last century. In the multipurpose home, small designs are moved from room to room according to changing needs.

A chair at the dining table can take on a new corporate life in a home office. Move items to temporarily zone off areas for specific tasks. And consider mobile storage like a trolley or leaning rack. What’s more, at BoConcept, we can guarantee the same soft and hard surfaces across our collection, so you can move your designs without destroying the harmonious look of your rooms.

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Smarter storage, happier life

Storage makes all the difference in a high-demand home. And you can never have enough. When you next buy a design for your space, ask yourself if it could double as storage. And remember, fixed storage installed in higher locations is less likely to restrict the way you use your space.

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