Discover the Imola Armchair:

An Icon of Timeless Design

Take a closer look. From the striking details to the graceful sweeps of its curves, the Imola armchair is a true design icon. Roomy enough for you to curl up in, yet so elegant it doesn’t seem over the top, the Imola armchair is an instant classic and ready to make a statement in any space.

Designed by Henrik Pedersen in 2008, the brief from BoConcept was to create a timeless lounge chair. True to his nature, Henrik showcased something radically different. An organic design that mixed evocative curves, sharp edges, and visual tension. A chair that was in his words, “...more about the flow of the pen than rules of geometry.”


The core of Imola is made of moulded hard foam, enabling us to create unique shapes. The hard foam is then supplemented with another mould of soft foam to make the chair as comfortable as it is beautiful. The chair is then upholstered in your preferred fabric or leather. There are only a handful of craftsmen in the world qualified to make the Imola chair. That qualification takes approximately a year and is only given to highly skilled upholsterers – and for good reason. Stretching such taut upholstery over Imola’s sculptural form is physically demanding work, which requires years of experience and a meticulous eye for detail.

The iconic Imola chair upholstered in black SPOOR Nordic Grain leather alone on a seaside cliff.

Explore the Imola armchair

Complete the experience

The matching footstool completes the look and the small slope ensures optimal relaxation. The footstool may even work as a spare seat.

Base options

The chair has two base options - wire legs and a swivel star base. Choose the swivel base to turn the chair around seamlessly or go with the wire legs for a beautiful completion of the design.

Organic shapes

The strict organic shapes combined with the moulded foam offer a unique and outstanding look. The high back gives the chair a voluminous look that underlines the uniqueness of the design while providing great head support.

Meet the designer

Henrik Pedersen designs for clients all over the world, and has, in addition to the Imola chair, conceived some of BoConcept’s most-popular products, including the Adelaide collection, Amsterdam sofa, Salamanca sofa, Charlotte chair and Hauge table. With a focus on warm minimalism, his design language is a blend of comfort, natural curves, clean lines and honest materials – honesty being one of his mantras. For more insight into the celebrated designer's world and the making of an icon, read In Conversation with Henrik Pedersen.

Designer Henrik Pedersen