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Sustainable living and modern design
BoConcept teamed up with Green unit for the Ideal Home Show in London to furnish their exciting, energy-efficient ARC home.

Designed by Interior Designer Claire Rossall
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Personal, relaxed and inviting
The open plan living and open-fronted storage always made Jessie Weiss' Berlin apartment feel cluttered. Already familiar with BoConcept, Jessie looked to us for a solution and the result was an urban oasis with a Scandinavian look.
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Contemporary, stylish and expressive
When the time came for Clinton Dall to furnish his newly built modernist home, he knew what he wanted, but he was having trouble finding it. We helped him find, customise and arrange the right furniture to suit his stunning home.

Designed by Interior Designer Justin Coakley
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With a love for black, white and timber and anything wire, interior designer for children's spaces, Kate Sparks, styled her Sydney home with a Scandinavian feel with help from Interior Designer, Stephanie.

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'The client wanted to have space to accommodate various aspects of his life - whether it is social gatherings, alone time to enjoy the ocean scenery or family time in front of the TV.

Decorated by Interior Designer Yumi Murayama
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Gerardo and Keila's holiday home

When Gerardo and Keila Coronado bought their holiday home in Miami, a light and airy apartment with a spectacular view, they turned to us to help them create a homey and elegant feel.

Designed by Interior Designer Michelle Mota

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Elisa and Eduardo's multifunctional concept

After a big move from Brazil to Florida, Elisa and Eduardo were on the look for everything! Hear how we helped them furnish their new apartment.

Designed by Interior Designer Bibi Nøddesbo

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How Justin found his home concept

Cool grey as the masculine colour base ties everything together in this modern bachelor pad.

Decorated by Interior Designer Ann Border

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A classy city concept in London

The stylish brothers Sam and Eddie share a spacious and elegant three bedroom apartment in the bustling city of London.

Decorated by Interior Designer Antonio López González

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The Kuwanos' urban family concept

The couple shares the taste of simplicity and both have a strong preference for pure white.

Decorated by Interior Designer Takashi Masuda

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Mr. Nakata's small living concept

Even though Mitsuya Nakatas space is small, he has achieved plenty
of seating space for his guests with functional pieces of furniture and a beautiful corner sofa.

Decorated by Interior Designer Atsuko Katsuyama
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The cool Berlin apartment

Our interior designer decorated this spacious, light and airy apartment with some of BoConcept's best designs. Here you'll find the Osaka sofa, the Lugano bed and and the iconic Imola chair.

Designed by Interior Designer Torsten Wormsbächer

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The nice New York apartment

Having the view of the NYC skyline this apartment was the perfect setting for our interior designer. He went with classy designs like the Monte chair and the Carlton sofa for our New York apartment.

Decorated by Interior Designer Gerald Posley

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The lush Dubai apartment

Even when you're in Dubai you must remember to rest. Our interior designer chose the comfortable Mezzo bed and the Istra sofa for this purpose.

Decorated by Interior Designer Melissa Djurslev

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