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Rui x BoConcept

Rui Hachimura × BoConcept

"A while back I visited my friend’s house and the furniture looked fantastic. I remember asking what brand is was, and the answer was BoConcept". From these words the project started.

The professional basketball star worked with our Interior Designer Yuka Ota to create a Japanese-inspired interior where he would feel more at home in his new, Washington D.C. apartment. “This project has started from casual conversations with Rui. He shared his thoughts and enthusiasms and we were able to furnish the space based on that. This included an emphasis of dark hues, soft neutral tones, natural wood, as well as minimal and functional furniture design to create a warm and calming effect.”

Born in Toyama Prefecture, Rui was the fifth Japanese-born men's NCAA Division I player and the first Japanese national in 2017 to play in the NCAA Division I men's tournament. Hachimura was drafted 9th overall in the 2019 NBA Draft by the Washington Wizards, making him only the second Japanese-born player to be drafted into the NBA.


The Interior Design Service Shaped My Selection

“I met with Yuka Ota in the BoConcept Georgetown store in order to design the layout together and choose the materials, colors and format of the furniture from BoConcept. Three months later...I was excited to see the furniture arriving. The space I dreamed of had come to live and it was exactly as I had envisioned it. I love it, and it has been cool to see the project materialize from thoughts to real life".

My Favorite Place

A Space to Relax

I chose these specific colors and materials because I wanted to make it soothing when I come home from practice or a game. Whether its clothes, cars, or just things in general, I like it simplistically styled but with an element of coolness. When I'm in such space, I feel calm and I can slow time down. In that sense, this is the perfect furniture for me.

My Relax Place

The sofa is the most important thing in the room, I can watch TV, relax or play games. I love my Hampton sofa because it's large. I'm a tall person but can still lie down and stretch out. I don't like material that is too soft, so the corduroy feels just right. I love the backrest too, because I can adjust the height so easily!

Explore the Hampton sofa

A Perfect Fit Even When You're Tall

The Imola chair fits me perfectly! With the foot stool I can put my feet up, so I use it often when gaming or reading books. I have a big body, and I love the feeling of being wrapped up in a design that does not make me feel uncomfortable.

Explore the Imola chair

The Perfect Dining Area

I love to eat, so dining area is important for when my family and friends come over. What I love about my table is that the colors and materials are simple, and that it fits four people perfectly. But when you have a larger dinner-party, I can extend it to fit 8-10 people easily. I also ordered the beautiful pendant that reminds me of the near future. The calming ambience it gives when turned on is perfect!

Explore the Milano table

My Unique Shoe Closet

When I was younger I always envied the big rooms athletes had where they collected their favorite things. Being a sneaker-head since I was a kid, with an affinity for Air Jordan's, my dream came true when I signed with the Nike Jordan brand. I now have a room specifically for my Jordan's. As my shoe-size is too large for regular shoe cabinets, Yuka customized the Copenhagen storage units to fit my shoes. My shoe closet also have chairs and a mirror, making it easy to check what to wear any specific day. What a luxury.

Explore Copenhagen storage

Designing Rui's Home, Yuka Ota, Interior Designer

As Rui is away often for practice, games or road trips, he had a request to "make it a calm space". He told me he was particular about choosing things that are simple and cool, with darker hues and he mentioned he'd like that in his home as well. He was also adamant that his family should feel at home when visiting, so I proposed the large Hampton sofa and the extendable Milano dining table, that would work equally well when he is alone or with his family. I probed Rui on his ideal way to spend time in each space of his house, and carefully uncovered his taste by showing him samples of the materials; this way the process unfolds naturally without being forced. The process of selecting Rui's furniture went very smoothly as Rui had a good idea of his wants and needs, so I could match up those with the perfect furniture pieces. The final results is best described by Rui outburst when he saw his new home "It's perfect!".

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