The mindful home

Escape the fast-paced world of today with a more conscious approach to interior design — evoke peace and tranquillity in your living space, seamlessly blending functionality, elegance and minimalism.

The Salamanca sofa in front of a large floor-to-ceiling glass wall in an A-frame summer house.

3 key elements of a mindful home

Try three different ways to transform your home into a haven of mindfulness, incorporating everyday living habits into interior design.

Prioritise purpose

Mindful minimalism starts with decluttering — making room for what truly matters. Prioritise utility and purpose, choosing pieces that reflect how you want to use a space.

Remove distractions

Designate an ‘unplugged’ space within your home that’s free from digital distractions. Modular storage solutions will help simplify this, fusing aesthetics and function.

Bring the outside in

Natural materials like wood, leather and ceramics, along with indoor plants, are just as important as your soft furnishings when it comes to a calm ambience.

Mindful minimalism

Embrace the philosophy of 'less is more' by investing in timeless pieces that can adapt to your evolving needs, choosing furniture that serves multiple purposes, such as clever storage.

Pared back hallway with Calgary storage in matt ash grey lacquered.

Switch-off spaces

Prioritise comfort, opting for open seating made from soft fabrics to sink into. Daybeds offer the flexibility of rearranging loose pillows for lounging, reading, or enjoying an afternoon nap.

Sleek living room with the Fusion chair in white Lazio fabric.

Office zen

Innovative desk designs with various compartments help keep you focused and your work area clutter-free, while soft and neutral tones evoke a calming atmosphere, reducing stress and promoting productivity.

Cupertino desk beautifully paired with the Structure rug in matching colors
Marble table with fabric swatches, note cards, and pencil in natural tones.

Set the tone

Bring a mindful mood into your home by mixing and matching neutral colours and soft fabrics. Layer and combine elements to create your sanctuary.