Any style as long as it’s yours

Calming neutrals

This Scandinavian expression gives a warm and natural touch to a design or space. The colours curated for Scandi-lovers switch the traditional Nordic base of white and near-whites for warmer, creamier hues.

Nuanced neutrals

Create a neutral base with these light, nuanced tones.

Warm neutrals

Wander into the warmer end of the palette, where splashes of buttery beige and winks of caramel invite you to sit down and get cosy.

Soothing greys

Allow the day to fade to grey. This is the colour palette that invites you to enter a space and leave the world at the door.

Luxe browns

The palette can’t help but be sleek and luxurious, like an indulgent cup of cocoa.

Authentic Scandinavia

There’s a reason why so many people, all around the world, crave an authentic Scandinavian aesthetic for their space. From muted colours to minimalistic designs, a modern Nordic interior is somehow both calming and homely while grand and impressive. This core palette will help you achieve an authentic Scandinavian base, to which you can add pops of your own personal style. It also pairs perfectly with blonde oak, stony ceramics and accents of cement.

Think of this palette as a deep exhalation.

A midsummer sunset. Shady sand. Chai latte. Artisan pottery. Everything about it is designed to soothe and calm.

Bloodstone reds

This palette is your permission to see red. A colour that demands your attention, shades arrive in rich, deep tones - with Bloodstone entering the palette and intending to stick around.

Layered greens

Soothing by nature. These greens will play a key role across all palettes, from lush and dusty to more rooted tones. Supporting our longing for the great outdoors.

Harvest yellows

Pairing perfectly with the nuanced neutrals, trust these shades to bring sleek warmth to your overall palette.