Side view of a gray leather sofa with soft lighting and minimalist decor.

Care Guide

Sofas, living chairs and headboards

Regularly remove dust from leather and fabric-covered furniture. Dust will increase the wear on a product. In order to protect fabrics and leathers from acid in body sweat, we suggest cleaning the entire item of furniture that is exposed to direct body contact at least twice a year.

By applying the BoConcept Protection products, you prevent the risk of stains and dirt penetrating the fabric or leather. Heavily used areas such as seats, arm and backrests require more frequent care.

Care instructions:

  • Transportation may have caused some irregular folds or depressions on loose cushions. Gently pat the cushions in order to reshape the filling and covering.

  • Occasionally you may notice a slight difference in firmness from one cushion to the next. This will gradually disappear with use. If possible switch the cushions for even use.

  • Sofa cushions with Polydowns/fibre fillings must be vigorously   shaken on a regular basis, once or twice a week, depending on the intensity of use.

  • With use, loose and fixed seats will swell/bulge due to stretching in the fabric/leather. This is a natural occurrence. It will occur with some materials or seats more than others. It is important to straighten out the fabric/leather on a regular basis to prevent this and it will also make your fabric/leather last longer.

  • Make sure the legs are fitted tightly to the sofa and check them on a regular basis

  • To prevent fading, always protect fabric and leather furniture from direct sunlight.

  • Sofa cushions in fabric on all sides must be turned around on a regular basis. That way a more uniform look is achieved and the lifetime of the fabric gets extended.

  • Avoid placing furniture in high-humidity areas, as it may result in mould, discolouration and quality deterioration.

  • Contact with alcohol, thinner and benzene/benzol will cause colour and quality deterioration. Also avoid contact with chemical materials such as paints, nail polish or nail polish remover.

  • Jeans and colourful clothes may discolour leather/fabric surfaces.

  • Products containing Polydown should regularly be dehumidified and shaken so air can circulate in them.

Please note that scratching or tearing caused by sharp objects e.g. metal parts and rivets, can loosen or remove fabric fibres and potentially damage fabric or leather.

Fabric/textile care

Applying BoConcept Protection Spray to the surface of your sofa can minimise damage from stains and general dirt. Areas with heavy-use such as seats, arm and backrests require more frequent care. When dust and sweat penetrate the fabric, it can result in serious fading of the fabric colour and it can also weaken the fabric fibres.

BoConcept fabric care spray applied to a beige surface.

General care instructions for fabric/textile:

  • Removable covers should only, if ever, be dry-cleaned. Dry cleaning may result in slight shrinkage and may require partial stretching before re-fitting.

  • Careful vacuum cleaning on a regular basis is recommended.

  • Only use the soft brush nozzle on your vacuum cleaner. Fine particles of dust can stick to fabric and result in increased fabric wear.

  • These care instructions will keep the sofa dust-free and also prevent further dust penetration. These instructions are recommended for those who suffer from allergies in particular.

We recommend using BoConcept Textile Care products. BoConcept A/S will accept no liability for damage resulting from the use of other care products.

Please note! If your new product is with EasyNabuk fabric, DO NOT use the BoConcept Textile Protection, as it may damage the fabric.

Easy Care materials

As part of our collection, we are happy to be able to offer you materials that are very easy to care for. Aquaclean treated fabrics are very resistant to wear and tear and easier to clean ensuring longer durability.

Material-Colour swatch of Frisco 2057 Camel