The top 5 of easy organisation tips

By Nadine Meyer: Professional Organizer

Woman lounging on the Modena sofa in a light-filled living room.

Having a tidy home facilitates our everyday life and inspires us in many ways. Style and aesthetics not only create clear lines but also mindfulness and a deeper awareness of the things that surround you. We’ve asked Nadine Meyer from The Organized to give her 5 best tips to help establish more structure and tidiness in the home.

#1 Find your personal "Why"?

Tidying is the way, but what is your goal? Why do you want to bring more structure into your life? How do you want to live once you've created more space and time for the important things?

#2 You really have to want it.

A messy home stems from postponed decisions. It is much easier to simple say you'll get to things tomorrow, but this disorganisation can have a negative effect on your mental state. You need to be aware that this road will not always be easy.

#3 Keep what makes you happy.

Only keep the things that you really need and love. Touch every item and ask yourself: "When was the last time I used this? Does it spark joy? Would I miss it?"

#4 Do not ask too much of yourself.

This process should be fun - you are about to make your life so much easier! Take baby steps. Start with a drawer and celebrate your first organising success.

#5 Everything gets a new home.

Give every item that is allowed to stay a designated place. Everything should be easily accessible and clearly labelled, so it is easy to find and put back. This way, make sure your home works for you and not against you.

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