Bedroom design ideas, inspiration & styles

It can be tempting to design a bedroom in a way that simply mimics an interior design style. However, crafting a bedroom’s design around the room’s intended use and the mood you want it to evoke will yield a much more satisfying result.

Not only will this simple method help you create a stunning bedroom that you adore, but it will also ensure that the room is practical and functional—plus, it won’t go out of style once a new trend comes along.

How too:

Plan and decorate your bedroom

The bedroom of your dreams can be right around the corner with just a bit of advice and a whole lot of inspiration. And the best news is, we’re here to give you both!

Start with The Basics

The foundation for any bedroom should include three items: a bed, two light sources, and at least one night stand. Beyond that, anything else you add should play into how you want the room to feel and function—and believe us, there are a lot of great options for this.

For example, want your room to be a place to unwind? A meditation corner complete with a comfortable floor cushion, aromatherapy, and a few live plants may be just the ticket to tranquillity.

Want the room to feel spacious? Stick with the basics and slowly build from there. Limiting furnishings is the top tip to make any room feel larger. Plus, ensuring it gets lots of natural light and all corners get adequately illuminated will also go a long way in creating more visual space.

Lay It Out

The layout of your furniture will rely on both your bed size and room size. While single beds can feel cosy tucked into a corner of bedrooms, both large and small, a king-sized bed may feel odd in this position—especially if two people share it.

Long and large bedrooms can benefit from being broken up into multiple zones, similar to how a hotel suite would do it. While a small bedroom often does well with the bed centred on a back wall with a long and narrow dresser on the adjacent wall.

Recognise That Size Matters

If you dream about a bigger bed, you certainly aren’t alone! But how do you know what the right bed size is for your room? Generally, you need around 22 inches of walking space on both sides and the foot of the bed. Anything less can make the room feel cramped—plus, no one enjoys stubbed toes.

Large beds can also work in small bedrooms, but this takes a bit more planning and creativity. For example, you may need a platform bed with storage in place of your dresser and to swap out your night stands for a couple of small floating shelves and mounted wall lamps.

Get organised

Beyond a bed with integrated storage, other storage options include a chest of drawers, a wardrobe, shelving, and baskets. Of course, there are also more out-of-the-box storage ideas such as ottomans, under bed trundles, or even using a rolling cart as an night stand.

Modern room with a Taylor sofa bed, Taylor storage footstool, and minimalist decor.

Add a cosy touch

Area rugs are an easy way to add colour, texture, and a cosy aesthetic to a bedroom. However, they are known to highlight a floor’s angles, so rooms that are an odd shape might want to skip them.

Minimalist bedroom with a grey upholstered bed, white linens, and a textured beige throw.

Light it right

Having multiple light sources in a bedroom can be transformative. Layered lighting will not only allow you to toggle the mood with the flick of a switch, but it can keep dark corners illuminated, which results in the room feeling larger. Ideas for secondary lighting include lamps, sconces, twinkle lights, and candles. Then, of course, there is natural light. While it is always welcome during the day, keep it out at night with light-blocking curtains or shades to help you get the best sleep possible.

Bed with textured linens, glasses on open book, and soft bedside lighting.

Consider your bed frame

Generally, the two bed frame styles that do well in the majority of bedrooms are plinth based and floating platform bed frames.

Cozy bed with plush throws and pillows against a wooden wall and soft lighting.

A plinth base bed with storage may be for you if you feel you never have enough room for organisation or clothes, while a bed with a floating design is well-suited for those who want their space to look and feel more spacious. Both do well in elegant bedrooms, and we offer you multiple designs to accommodate most style preferences.

To headboard or not?

A headboard can single-handedly transform a bedroom since its large stature commonly draws the eye.

Want a luxurious and comfortable bedroom? A tufted upholstered headboard is a good option. Kick it up a notch by finding one that utilises velvet for some extra textural appeal.

And then there is always the option of no headboard at all. This can be ideal for smaller rooms or rooms with low ceilings as headboards can draw attention to their small size. If you don’t want a headboard, other options you may want to consider for above the bed are wall art, a patterned wallpaper accent wall, or a fabric mural wall hanging.

How to decorate a small bedroom?

Decorating any bedroom is quite the undertaking, but small bedrooms come with an extra layer of challenges. However, this doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style or comfort.

Colours for cramped spaces

Don’t base your paint colour on the size of the room, but instead on the amount of natural light it gets. What does this mean? If your small bedroom has a large window that floods it with light, then that dark and dramatic shade you’ve been wishing you could pull off should be on your shopping list!

Create depth

Another trick when it comes to walls and small rooms is adding some patterned wallpaper to the wall furthest from the door. This will add a focal point and give the illusion of more depth—just be sure to keep everything else in the room simple as not to make it visually overwhelming. A large mirror placed opposite to the window can also add dimension, as well as make the room feel larger and more illuminated.

Go vertical

Wall space is one of the most overlooked and valuable areas in small bedrooms. The right solutions can give you the storage and amenities that your bedroom craves, without taking up valuable floor space. One of our favourite vertical decor tips? Make more space on your end tables by opting for wall mounted lights instead of table lamps.

Embrace storage

Storage is a good idea for any bedroom, but it is imperative for small rooms. You can get the most out of your small bedroom by using multipurpose furniture. This may include a bed with drawers, a sofa bed, or a storage ottoman—just to name a few. Not only will this help keep your small space functional and organised, but the less clutter you have showing, the larger the bedroom will look.

Woman sitting under a lifted storage bed, surrounded by scattered shoes.
Bedroom corner with a simple desk setup, chair, and cozy bedding near a wooden panel.

Interior design experts

Designing the perfect bedroom can be easier said than done, so if you still need help with anything from finding the best paint colour for your space to planning a great layout, an interior designer can lend you a hand. An interior designer can co-create the bedroom of your dreams by assisting you not only to craft a design that reflects your style, but that also fits your lifestyle.

Getting advice from bedroom designers

You will find that the best bedroom is one crafted with a mix of purpose and your personal taste. Does this mean you can’t incorporate a lot of elements from one style of design? Of course not! But it does mean your bedroom will be more than just a cookie-cutter trend and a space that you will not only love but genuinely enjoy being in.