Oki Sato formed the world-renowned design studio, nendo, in 2002. Since 2012 he has won multiple "Designer Of The Year" awards and nendo has an impressive portfolio of exhibitions, awards and great designs. Nendo's design philosophy is all about creating small wow-moments in people's everyday life, evident in the furniture's minimalist yet characteristic form with a touch of humour.

Nendo standing looking at the viewer

Successfully merging the best of the Japanese design tradition with Danish manufacturing and craftsmanship

Oki Sato, nendo is among the most respected design studios in the world and for good reason. With an honest, minimalistic yet characteristic approach to design, nendo has succeeded in reconstituting the everyday into design classics. The nendo designs for BoConcept is the perfect expression of surprising minimalism. Founder of nendo, and youngest ever Wallpaper Magazine Designer of the Year, Oki Sato’s unique take on Japanese design has made him a household name.

As Nendo says:

“We want to give something more with our design. A little twist that catches the eye and creates a small moment“