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We are open and ready to show you the best of Danish design. We'll be happy to welcome you into our store and help you with some styling tips and more!

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Meet our local interior designer

BoConcept Interior Designer

Interior design should be personal, engaging and reflect who you are. Our specially trained interior designers stand ready to guide you to find your own personal style with our free Interior Design Service.

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Meet Your Fort Lauderdale Team - Oskar Burgos

Oskar Burgos

Why do you like interior design?


I love being part of the process that helps to bring beauty and functionality to space.

Assertively meet customer needs and sell concepts that set a style. 


If you could select a space to decorate, which one would be and why?


I love spaces that have a historical legacy in an urban setting.

Modern Classic Architecture is really inspiring to me and becomes a challenge to assertively propose new trends. I like to resolve spaces that challenge me to think “outside the box” and in a simple way.


What does mean to you to work in BoConcept?


A place where I can enhance the passion I have for design and business. It inspires me to represent a prestigious brand that is consistent with its design process. BoConcept has sensitivity for an organic (warm) design, sophisticated and harmonious, suitable and timeless in any space, making people feel at home. 

 Functionality, beauty, comfort and quality can be seen as pillars of BoConcept’s end product 


Give us 5 tips to decorate a space.


1. Identify the (style) of the client by establishing a relationship of trust and knowing in depth their activities, hobbies and desires and needs about their dream home.

2. Make sure which elements will be replaced and which will remain in the space. 

3. Pick a color palette according to the style you decided to go. Make a balance of colors, lighting, textures and materials and nature to establish visual harmony. (Simplicity is a plus).

4. Choose the right size furniture and scale of the furniture to fit the space properly.

5. Start with the largest piece first. When the sofa is appropriate, it will become the “main actor of the movie”  .

Meet Your Fort Lauderdale Team - Matthew Aloisi

Matthew Aloisi - Store Manager

Why do you like the interior design?

A persons home can mean many factors to them: Self-Expression, Pride, and a Comfortable Sanctuary. Interior Designing for an individual and their specific needs can help draw out your clients greatest expectations.

If you could select a space to decorate, which one would be and why?


Living Rooms are a perfect showcase for an immediate look into your clients individual style. It’s the area where they will be entertaining the most and showing off their flare for life.


Give us 5 tips to decorate a space.


1. Always design for your clients taste and style not your own.
2. Try to incorporate as much of your clients existing style into a new space, they will appreciate it in the end.

3. Be a problem solver for certain size spaces. Using modular pieces can help avoid any restrictions.

4. Options, options, options, but don't ever overwhelm clients with too many.

5. Be confident in your design and your expertise, clients will appreciate the overall experience more when the know they are being helped by a seasoned professional.

Meet Your Fort Lauderdale Team - Gabe Cervo

Gabe Cervo - Designers

Why do you like the interior design?

My passion for interior design started early on, my mom is an interior designer and design has been in my life ever since I was a kid. In college after deciding that Micro-Biology was not the correct path for me, I took some Architecture and Architectural History classes which reminded me of my love for architecture and interior design. I like interior design because designing someone's personal space can change the way people live their life. I love interior design because it is an extension of our lifestyle and we can create spaces that function and have a sense of beauty throughout the full design.

If you could select a space to decorate, which one would be and why?

Living Spaces are my favorite to design because they tend to be where we spend most of our time, whether it is enjoying a good movie as a family or working from home on your own. Living spaces are multifunctional and need a good thought process to make them unique to each individual. There are so many directions to go in when designing Living Spaces that the options are endless, therefore connecting with the person or family that you are designing for is key.

Give us 5 tips to decorate a space.

1. Less is more. Find ways to store the items that are not used often or represent the vision of the space you are decorating and highlight the ones that do.
2. Don't be afraid to mix metals. A mixture of a different metal finishes tends to give an eclectic sense to the design and warms up the space.

3. Start with the bigger pieces of the space first. Once you have selected the main pieces you can add the complementary pieces to the space.

4. Know your client. Design to the specific needs of the client, ask all the right questions.

5. Neutral palette and accessorize with texture and color. Starting the full design with a clean, neutral palette. This gives a timeless design that can be updated by switching out accessories.

Summer is coming and it's time to bring your outdoor spaces to life.

Quickship Program

Quickship Program

With our Quickship Program, enjoy your home with Danish style decoration.

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Meet Your Aventura Team - Angela Gomez

Angela Gomez - BoConcept Fort Lauderdale

If you could choose a space in a home to decorate, which would it be and why?

An outdoor space, whether its á porch, pool, or patio. Because it can be transformed into a luxurious outside area or a cozy earthy space that will help you take full advantage of warm weather here in Miami.

Give us 5 tips to decorate a space.

1. Adding a mirror will make any room look bigger
2. Mixing bright colors together can add character to any room
3. Put plants to balance the contemporary look with real nature
4. Style your bookcase like an In-store stylist by putting books horizontally and vertically
5. Add metallic accents (copper, brass or chrome) with accessories like floor lamps, pendants or vases


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