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Interior design should be personal, engaging and reflect who you are. Our specially trained interior designers stand ready to guide you to find your own personal style with our free Interior Design Service.

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Meet Your Aventura Team - Luibov Moller

Liubov Moller

Why do you like interior design?

Design was always my passion. When I graduated art school at the age of 14, I wanted to become an interior designer. Even through my career path led me to engineering, 3D renderings and custom cabinetry design would always let me express my creative side.

I believe that furnishing and decorating places give the customer the opportunity to express themselves. I enjoy to be there to support and guide them to achieve the final goal of not only delivering the product, but also providing a great post-sale experience, that the customer will share with others and return/make a referral.

If you could select a space to decorate, which one would be and why?

Bedroom.  It is a place which is typically not furnished with busy units such a bookcase so it is easy to add accents. I enjoy working with neutral color patterns which are typically used in the bedroom and decorating it with art work and accessories.

What does it mean to you to work in BoConcept?

Working in BoConcept means delivering a great product to the customer through exceptional customer service.

Give us 5 tips to decorate a space.

1. Switch up coffee table decor often. It’s the easiest way to make the living room feel fresh again.

2. Use rugs to separate zones.

3. A conversation area that has a U-shape, with a sofa and two chairs facing each other at each end of the coffee table, or an H-shape, with a sofa directly across from two chairs and a coffee table in the middle, is ideal.

4.The middle of a picture should hang at eye level. If one person is short and the other tall, average their heights.

5. Put mirrors on walls perpendicular to windows, not directly across from them. Hanging a mirror directly opposite a window can actually bounce the light right back out the window.


Meet Your Aventura Team - Karla Amaral

Karla Amaral

Why do you like interior design?

I love the idea of working with clients looking for help decorating their place. A decorate space tells a lot about people's taste and personality.

If you could select a space to decorate, which one would be and why?

Living room. A space that family and friends can gather together and share moments and at the same time, can also be a place to relax and be alone. 

What does mean to you to work in BoConcept?

It means I can get the opportunity of working for a company that has been successful for many years in the market and grow with it.

Give us 5 tips to decorate a space.

1.Mix different fabric textures

2.Use accent pieces

3.Don´t need to match everything

4.Make it functional

5.Choose a style and finish with accessories, trays, vases, etc.

Meet Your Aventura Team - Jean Paul

Jean Paul

Why do you like interior design?

I love that interior design is personal. You are not a car salesman; a car you leave outside the house or at the garage. You are an interior designer, your clients will grow and create memories in the spaces you design for them. You are assist in creating not a house, but a home. It is very gratifying when you see that your efforts have permanently change for the better an interior space and life of your clients by bringing your/their vision to life and delighting them in the process.

If you could select a space to decorate, which one would be and why?

The most satisfaction I get is from designing family rooms. Family rooms are a space to both gather in large groups and relax individually. It is a room to be yourself and let go of all formalities and have fun.

What does mean to you to work in BoConcept?

BoConcept allows you as a designers the freedom to manage your own business an clients. Furthermore, you can feel confident you are providing your client with a high quality product.

Give us 5 tips to decorate a space.

1. Stablish the direction of style before moving forward. Have inspirational images of spaces that speak to you, this will anchor your style and provide direction of the project.

2. Color palette: your color palette should reflect the decor style you are going for. A rule of thumb to guide you will be 60.30.10. 60% dominant color (walls, sofa, rug, etc.). 30% secondary color, different and complementary to dominant color (arm chairs, linens, drapery, etc.). 10% accent colors, accessories.

3. Design for you today and tomorrow as well, stablish a purpose for the home you are designing: will be a rental in the near future, a vacation home, a home I would love to grow old in, etc. Think about your current needs, where are you at your stage in life and where you see yourself in 5-10 years; single, married, with children, pets, only friends will do, hate humans, etc...

4. Do not let delivery projections crumble the vision of what your space will look like. Do not compromise, good things take time to make and the satisfaction of finally getting them delivered is all worth the wait.

5. Furniture anchor pieces fill the room, but accessories complete a space. They are the jewelry to completing a beautiful dress.

Meet Your Aventura Team - Eric Garcia

Eric Garcia

Why do you like the interior design?

I love to interior design because it is a great way to express materials and colors. I love to be able to create a space that individuals can love, live and laugh together and build memories.

If you could select a space to decorate, which one would be and why?

Office! Because I love to use bold colors on the walls or even use wallpaper. It's also a room to show all your accomplishments in life.

What does mean to you to work in BoConcept?

It means that I can share with the world how-to live-in a timeless, sophisticated, and modest life with the BoConceptual Way.

Give us 5 tips to decorate a space.

1.  Do not be afraid of mixing materials & colors.

2.  When working with an open concept floor plan it's important to use rugs to divide the space and walk flow.

3.  Have a talking piece. That one piece of furniture that everyone either has to sit or touch or ask questions about.

4.  It's always a great idea to rearrange decorative pieces. It refreshes the space.

5.  Always fresh flowers.

Meet Your Aventura Team - Andrea Hakim

Andrea Hakim 2

Why do you like interior design? 

Styling a home requires so much creativity playing with different colors textures and shapes the possibilities are endless. Assisting home owners to create a stylish welcoming home is such a great adventure. 

If you could select a space to decorate, which one would be and why? 

Living rooms are my favorite when it comes to design and decorate. I have so much passion to pick the right furniture pieces and different accessories .The  feeling is priceless when you look at the final design and the home owner loves the ambiance what I had created.

What does it mean to you to work in a BoConcept? 

BoConcept is a well-known high end brand and they have a huge presence in Europe as well. I love the style what they represent and now I am so excited to work for the brand.

Give us 5 tips to decorate a space.

1. Take the time before you start redecorate your home and do a little research to study the new trends and styles.

2. Less is more. Start with little changes and see how you feel.

3. Be original try to find your own style. You might not the one who wants to follow the actual trends.

4. Elegance will never go out of style.

5. Find a professional if you feel overwhelmed and let her/him to give you ideas and help to do the job.

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