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BoConcept Los Angeles

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We are offering the latest within modern interior design and accessories. Visit our store today to meet our skilled team of interior designers who will introduce you to all the possibilities of customizing the contemporary modular designs and help you decorate the home of your dreams.


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Interior design should be personal, engaging and reflect who you are. Our specially trained interior designers stand ready to guide you to find your own personal style with our free Interior Design Service.

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Meet your Los Angeles Team - Bolor

Bolor SoCo

Bolor graduated from Interior Design with an appreciation of the planning, logistics, and creativity it required. She loves working with the BoConcept client in creating tailored and thoughtful spaces and enjoys approaching each problem with a creative solution. She enjoys the challenge of each individual style and thrives on her goal to make the client happy. 

"I believe there is space for the BoConcept aesthetic in every person's home. That's why I love working with others to understand their needs and help create a space that goes beyond what they envisioned. I especially enjoy the customization aspect of the BoConcept furniture - it offers so much freedom to play and build the space according to each individual needs."

Meet your Los Angeles Team - Mark

Mark took Bachelor of Arts & Design in Multimedia, at an early age his determination led his way through the top Film and TV production house in his home country the Philippines where he does art direction, and set design. After four years he shifted his whole career by taking the challenge in retail service for six years. Undoubtedly he seizes to make sense of things.

“I think that providing a concept for a space doesn’t stop at what we think is great. The design goal is too see through aesthetic to find comfort in functionality and life on authenticity. Being able to maximize a space to its true form is the challenge I like to taking.”

Meet your Los Angeles Team - John

John brings 30+ year’s experience in the retail and design service industries, from being positioned as a General Manager of flagship locations in San Francisco and Monterey to showroom management and design positions with luxury design houses and retail stores. During a career crossroads prompting him to ask himself that pivotal question "what would you do if you knew you could not fail?" he created his own design and retail business, located in San Francisco's Mission District. Since relocating to Southern California, he has found a way to build upon established skills and experience by joining the iconic BoConcept. 

"While I have had interests in many art forms, Interior Design has been a "passion thread" of mine since a young age, and while I appreciate many styles, my strongest affinity is with Mid-Century and Modern designs, and BoConcept is the greatest representation of this.  I feel it important to create a sense of intuitive juxtaposition in a space, through color, texture, shape, even finishes, while incorporating a client's preferences.This creates a dynamic quality that becomes very personal, thoughtful, and well-curated.  When designing a space it is MOST important to listen to my clients, involving them in the process with a collaborative nature. Home should be a solace, a place where one can be their truest, most authentic self, and nothing is more gratifying than when I have reflected that for my clients. "

Meet your Los Angeles Team - Samuel

Samuel - La Brea

Samuel's conception of a great design involves a creative process that is best defined by the perfect balance of ingenuity and functionality. With a background and training as an Engineer fused with a passion for design and aesthetics, Samuel has developed expertise in layout, color, lighting, materials selection, custom furniture and installations. Integrating the latest software used by designers, Samuel has full fluency and dexterity using AutoCAD, SketchUp, 3D Max, Illustrator and Photoshop. Samuel's portfolio of various projects include residential spaces, model homes, country clubs, hotels and restaurants.

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