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A toast in Aarhus

Though small in size, the city of Aarhus offers a diverse range of experiences and attractions that can almost take your breath away. We advise you to slow down, indulge and let yourself have a drink in atmospheric and honest surroundings for a real taste of the city. 

Below we present you with our selection of bars that combine atmosphere, taste and experiences for a true encounter with the Aarhus atmosphere.

Two socks

Throughout Aarhus you’ll find different niche bars that focus on different liquors, experiences and tastes. At the gin bar, Two Socks, you’ll not only find more than 50 different kinds of gin, you’ll find some of the laid back and relaxed atmosphere that makes Aarhus special. It’s a place to combine atmospheric tasting experiences in raw and comfortable surroundings with cosiness and people watching.

The name says it all, the name ‘Two Socks” is a subtle reference to the idea of wearing two different socks; that contrasts are applauded and that all kinds of people are welcomed here in the cosy gin bar.

Two Socks


The cocktail bar Alberts, is your place to go for a drink in historic settings. The bar is located next to the Aarhus cathedral in an old monastic dungeon from the 14th century. It’s the oldest bar in the city and is named after Albert Thorup who had a wine pub at this location in 1885. If you’re in for a laugh, Alberts hosts free open mic stand-up comedy in English on Sundays.



The name Gedulgt translates to secret, hidden or concealed. Located in the back of a backyard in a humble street next to the bus station, you have to know it to find it. But once you arrive, Gedulgt serves experimental and well tasting drinks and food. Behind an 8-meter-long concrete bar, the staff experiments and composes creative drinks served in miniature bathtubs, popcorn boxes, golden pineapples and other Instagram friendly creations. And don’t just take our word for it, the bar won the award as the best bar in town voted by the Aarhus citizens in 2018.


St. Pauls Apothek

In the lively Jægergaardsgade, the old apothecary, St. Pauls Apothek, seeks to cure ailments through Nordic cuisine and interesting cocktails. Judging by the popularity among the Aarhus crowd, the pairing of great food with carefully curated cocktails is a winning if not remedial combination. Visit the old apothecary and enjoy an interesting taste of both food, drinks and the special Aarhus atmosphere.

St. Pauls Apothek

Slap af

The name ‘Slap af’ literally translates to ‘relax’ and the small restaurant and cocktail bar in the vibrant Latin Quarter invites you to relax with modern cuisine and well-crafted cocktails. A favourite of the BoConcept Aarhus store team to go for an after work drink, this cosy place offers a personal and relaxed atmosphere - perfect for getting up close with the people of Aarhus.

Slap Af

Anders Nørgaard in Aarhus

Get up close with the designer of Indivi, Anders Nørgaard, as he walks through the city that inspires his designs.


Recommended eating spots in Aarhus

See some of our favourite restaurants on Aarhus, where décor, food and atmosphere combine to provide exceptional experiences and an up close encounter with the special Aarhus ambiance.