Our vases are a mix of heavy and elegant glassware, beautiful ceramics and earthy stoneware and terracotta. Take your pick from calming organic shapes to shiny pieces and expressive patterns. Use the vases on their own or try a tone-in-tone styling for a calm and classic look.
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  • Vases - Water ripple vase - Brown - Ceramic
    Water ripple vase

    From $89.00

    As shown $89.00

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  • Vases - Rubble vase - Black - Glass
    Rubble vase

    As shown $199.00

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  • Danish design vases

    Invite nature in

    Something as simple as the right flower vase to display a bit of nature can lift your décor and add a personal touch to the expression. Make sure to choose a tall vase for vertical flower arrangements or go for small vase for a simple look.

    Sculpture vase

    Small sculptures

    Choose a vase with a sculptural look and add a decorative piece to your décor. A decorative vase can be used without flowers or with creative ideas like branches, coffee beans, papers and yarn.

  • Vases - Clean vase - Clear - Glass
    Clean vase

    As shown $16.00

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