Hygge is candlelight and blankets on a cold November evening. It’s freshly brewed coffee and flowing conversation. It’s abandoning the Wi-Fi and connecting with what really matters: our loved ones. Below we offer you a few insights, helping you bring a little hygge to the place you call home.

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Hygge is something shared. It is taking comfort in each other's company and sharing good times with loved ones. Consider bringing a bit of hygge with you the next time you visit the people you love.

In the cold winter months, what is more hygge than lighting a few candles and escaping the cold with soft cushions and cuddly throws?

'Tis the season

Hygge is an all-year lifestyle, but it really comes to life around the Holidays with festive décor and an even greater emphasis on the value of family time.

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The table is often the focal point for big parties and small gatherings alike.

Rich tones and soft textures are a natural part of hygge and can even add warmth to colder materials.