Our Design Consultants can take care of your big projects; We will redesign a room or your whole home and create inspiring collages and 3D presentations so you can preview the space. 



The first step is to get an understanding of your wishes and what you want from your space. We can visit you at your home, or you can bring your floor plans and pictures to the store. This way, we can discover your tastes and priorities and take any relevant information about you and your home into account.


From the first meeting, we will put together suggestions and recommendations that make the most out of your space and incorporate your ideas. We will also go through the store to explore the materials and furniture.


When you are 100% happy with your new interior, we will place the order. Our professional service team will deliver and assemble your furniture.

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“I want nothing more than to give my clients a home they can be proud of, but also one that works for the way they live their lives.”

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Using our 3D interior design program “RoomPlanner”, the interior designer can easily create your home. Insert your personal interior solution. And create a space based on your needs and wishes.

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“I was impressed by the layout and the way of using colours that the interior designer suggested to us. It was something we could never come up with by ourselves. He has given us a lot of great ideas that were really helpful for us.”

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Let’s answer your questions

We're here to help answer all your interior questions. If you have any questions to our interior design service, please simply book an appointment above or have a look in our FAQ.

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Interior home design

What is interior design?

Interior design is more than simply designing a space. It’s creating a space that enables the way you live. Our approach to interior design is that it is a journey towards creating your personal home. A journey to create a space that allow you to be the best version of you. To create memorable occasions and relaxing comfort.
To create your dream home is our ambition. You might have an idea of what you like, but need help in realizing it. A design consultant can provide that outside-in perspective, help start an honest dialogue where you can build of each other’s’ ideas and then start to concretize the ideas into actual plans.
An interior design process will always be a learning experience and the project will adapt and evolve as we go. By having a trained professional take charge of the process, you ensure that you make the right decisions. The result? A cohesive home, built for the way you live.

We’re a team – and you’re on it.

Engaging with a design consultant does not have to mean handing over the keys to your entire project. Our design consultants are happy to create complete solutions for you and make them come to live including delivery and assembly. However, most times, the interior design is a co-creation where the design consultant and you (and your loved ones) form a team. The design consultant can be the lead or function in a more advisory role. An interior design is a personal commitment and thus require frank dialogue and trust. That’s why we ensure that every decision is made in collaboration and that we continue until you are 100% satisfied with the result.

Let’s empower you

Working with a BoConcept design consultant in this way becomes about empowering you and letting your confidence and abilities flourish. Interior design thus becomes a learning experience where you will gain confidence in your choices and also learn from a trained professional and become familiar with materials, modern trends, product care and more.
We want to take furbishing and styling a home from a tiring process to a pleasurable experience.

Make the right investment

Buying designer furniture and making interior dreams come true is an investment. It comes with a cost but also the benefits to match. It’s an investment into your well-being and it’s an investment into the future. By making the right choices from the beginning you will not have to change the furniture for many years. This is beneficial to the environment but also provides you with an ease of mind.
We love it when BoConcept designs are treated right and provides comfort and beauty for decades. That’s why you can always talk to your design consultant about care guidance and treatment. The design consultant will also help you make material choices that works for your lifestyle and that will stay forever beautiful through shifting trends.
Care guidance

120+ ways to express your unique style

Customization and personalization are at the core of the BoConcept concept. On upholstered products, you have more than a 120 different materials to choose from. And in our other designs, we also present a large selection of finishes ranging from marble and ceramics to walnut, oak and lacquered surfaces. It might seem overwhelming, but with an interior consultant by your side, it will empower you and ensure that you get the perfect material combinations for your lifestyle. We will use the same materials across the designs and therefore also ensure that the surfaces in your home work perfectly together.

Get the measurements right

A key for longevity of your interior design and home décor is being detail focused from the beginning. Our design consultants ensure that all important details are considered and help you make the right measurements. Measuring is not just about how big a room is, but also includes considerations on flow and spacing around furniture. Having a design consultant on board ensures a personal home that represents you in both looks and functionality. A home that is accessible and enables your lifestyle.

here's What you receive

Working with a design consultant provides ease of mind. Much of the work from the consultant takes place in the dialogue with you. There can, however, also be some very tangible deliveries if needed. The interior consultant can deliver drawings, 3D visualizations, mood boards, samples, and more. They can also arrange for delivery and assembly.
The biggest thing you get out of having a design consultant on your home project is a relationship. You get someone you can call with interior ideas, with questions on furniture care, and for trend inspiration. A personal guide that knows you and your home and that you can talk to about fulfilling your design dream. Sounds overwhelming? We promise you it isn’t – just fill in the form above and we’ll get in touch to get you started on the perfect project. Your way.
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