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Styling for sanctuary


This season, we’ve explored how our new value of the home is making us furnish in novel ways, but its effects are more than functional. This new focus is also changing what we expect from our home emotionally.


More than ever, we want our spaces to be sanctuaries—calming, cozy, and cocooning. Rooms that help us disconnect from the outside world, leaving us free to decompress and nurture the things the matter: real-world relationships, self-fulfilment, and expression. Here are three ways to create sanctuaries perfect for JOMO: the joy of missing out.

Brown velvet Chelsea sofa

Choose soft plush fabrics

Although leathers and low-texture fabrics like felt are still in high demand, plush and tactile options are growing ever more popular. More than simply a high-interest look, these visually comforting textures will help you ramp up your space’s coziness – long before you’ve touched them. Continue the experience with cushions, throws, and thick pile rugs. And choose natural materials like cotton and wool to get the benefits of biophilic design.

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Time to go organic

We don’t mean your fruit and veg. Choosing designs that have soft organic curves is a natural way to turn up the sanctuary feel of your space. And curves needn’t mean eye-jarring ornamentation. As a Danish design brand, we believe curvaceous silhouettes can still retain a clean minimalism, making your home visually calming and cohesive. Up the effect with cocooning forms like our popular Charlotte armchair and new Princeton dining chair.

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Mark of the maker

Our sustainable outlooks and new-found desire for the natural makes us weed out the synthetic. This season, we want our homes to be filled with natural colors and finishes. Yet designs that feature artisanal details go further, connecting us to the human craftsmanship behind the forms. A simple and elegant way to add this feeling to your space is to accessorize with hand-finished pottery in ceramic and stone. Every piece is a complete one-off, just like you.

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The 2022 lookbook

Explore more on trends, products, and lifestyle in our new lookbook. Be inspired to create your own forever trending personal look, now.

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Forever on trend

Through changing seasons, one thing has proven to always be on trend. Being true to yourself. That's why we encourage your self-expression, helping you to adopt new trends with your own personal spin.

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