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Trend watch: How to do Jungalow style

Expressive colors, relaxed patterns and an abundance of plants. Combining jungle and bungalow vibes in a laid-back bohemian aesthetic, this trend sets a direction that can turn any interior into a colorful expression of personality.

Below we’ve compiled some tips to help you work the Jungalow style in your home.

Green velvet sofa

Jungalow: A mindset

Decorating with the Jungalow trend is more of a creative approach than just using certain patterns and styles. Jungalow is about having fun and creating personal space that invites well-being. Let it be chaotic, mix the elements that you love and enjoy the relaxed feel of personal imperfection.

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Colors and materials

Jungalow is this bohemian mix of old and new. Of trend and personality. That means mixing colors, patterns and materials that express personality. The trend allows you to go bold and infuse colors and patterns in your décor. Add strong accents to your furniture with colorful pillows and throws, mix in vintage patterns and decorative elements, and now’s the time for a new sofa or armchair in a vibrant velvet upholstery.

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Camel leather dining chairs

The jungle element

A central element in the jungalow trends is the jungle vibe created by an abundance of indoor trees, plants, and flowers. Invite the outside in and add greenery and other natural materials to your décor.

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The bungalow element

Combine your plants with the charisma of bungalow-inspired vintage like a Persian rug, a Moroccan pouf or furniture in rattan and wicker. Add retro vibes in the form personal colors and patterns in a look that is disorganized yet carefully crafted to create a relaxed ambience.

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Dark sideboard

Make a statement

Furnishing a room in the jungalow style means adding elements that are special. Elements that stand out due to their unique characteristics and that tell your personal style. This trend is the perfect setting for your statement piece.


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Any style as long as it’s yours

Meet Joanna Kulaczkowska (@onceinawhite); an architect in the city of Gliwice, Poland. Step into her world and see how the travel addict uses earthy tones and a mix of textures to create a space worth coming home to.

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Gray Hampton open-end sofa

Get professional help

Our Design Consultants would love to help you create your personal style. Incorporating the best of current trends and mixing it with your personal taste and wishes, the route to your dream interior starts with a free chat.

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