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Styling your sofa with pops of color

This season we’re seeing the color palettes widen. Where previously many kept a fairly strict color scheme, more and more are now willing to mix it up and style with different pops of color. This trend lends itself to a retro vibe and adds an exciting, almost eclectic feeling to the home.

Working with this trend as a starting point, interior designer Marianne Kleis, has styled the Indivi sofa with cushions in different colors. She has ensured cohesion through a match between surfaces of the sofa and on the Bermuda puff. The result lifts the expression with a harmonious yet expressive and personal design.

“Working with a larger palette is always enjoyable, but it takes a bit of experimenting. I try to focus on the main colors and work from there. This style requires you to try new tones and create a symphony of mood that fits your personal taste. The cushions, accessories, and puff are great places to infuse personality – and can easily be changed if needed.”

Styling tip
Embrace retro vibes and play with tones and textures that evoke on-trend nostalgia. Blend deep shades of orange, yellow, and brown to add a warm glamour to your expression.
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Bermuda pouf

Key items for the retro style

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Free styling advice

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