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Stylists' choice for an easy upgrade

Getting your home ready for spring can be achieved through just a few small changes. These 5 key items for every room, curated by our head stylists in Denmark, can work wonders in your home.



This season, we bring you our accessories in a refreshed format. Based on a trend expression we call ‘Soft Neutrals’, these warm and Scandinavian tones will lift the interior through a comfortable, natural aesthetic.


Outdoor styling

Introducing outdoor hygge to your lifestyle and home traverses all seasons - from sunny barbecues to cozy nights under the stars. With the right furniture and accessories, you’ll create an outdoor retreat that helps you to slow down, celebrate life’s little pleasures, and appreciate true serenity. Explore our easy-to-follow tips on how to style your outdoor space here.

Gray sofa and black leather Imola chair

How to declutter your home

Less is more. But decluttering your home can be daunting. Good news! Here are some tried and tested methods that can make the task manageable and surprisingly pain-free.


Find your storage match

Storage can be individual, expressive, and inventive and therefore allows you a great opportunity to express your personality. We present you with a guide to find your personal storage match.


Personal living in Estonia

Meet Liis, a fine art teacher whose maternity-hobby Instagram profile birthed an exciting new career as a freelance Interior Stylist.


Top 5 Self-care Trends for 2020

Self-care is an ongoing process that extends into every aspect of your lifestyle, from your home decor to your sleep habits. It’s a potent way to put you in control of your mental and physical well-being.


Infuse your space with personality

Whether it means adding a few key accessories or sprucing up the walls, infusing your space with personality is quicker and easier than you may think. See our tips to infuse personality to your space here



Live a life as individual as you are. Your life isn’t off-the-shelf. So should your home be?
We say no. It’s why you can change the size, colors, and materials of nearly every design. And we’re here to help you style your home, your way.

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