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Come together and create something extraordinary. Like an expressive flower cloud or elegant paper cuttings inspired by the fairy tales of H.C. Andersen. Make it in your own personal size and composition and set the scene for perfect little moments.

Creating your flower cloud

Chicken wire and dried florals

Creating the cloud is straightforward. Simply roll up chicken wire, suspend it from the ceiling with durable wire and start inserting dried florals.

Your space, your size

You decide the size of your flower cloud. If you have room for it, the cloud looks stunning when allowed to take up space and be a central element in your decor. If you’re small on space, simply scale down your cloud.

Make it personal

You decide the florals that fit your style: it could be pampas, oats, or a combination including your favorite flowers. The cloud will look its best when made to fit your style and your home.

Sky decor


The delicate paper cuttings inspired by Danish fairy tale writer H.C. Andersen, is the perfect Christmas DIY. They will add an elegant touch to your gift wrapping, table setting, and general Christmas decor.

To create the paper cuttings, simply print out the template, staple it to your paper, and start cutting from the middle finishing with the outside contour. Visit your local BoConcept store to learn more, get assistance – and pick up glossy paper and cuttings (handed out on a first-come first-served basis)

Download template
Cloud decoration

A personal theme

In this styling example, we show you how to make a personal cloud that fits the color theme of your furniture and table setting.

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Christmas wreath

Your personal wreath

Create your own personal wreath for a stylish Christmas feeling.

Explore the how-to here

Let’s create your extraordinary

We’re here to help you style your home, your way. And because your lifestyle and schedule are unique, we have a range of ways to connect you to the help you need. It’s personalized styling advice, your way.

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White Chelsea sofa chair

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