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We live in colour

New style guides

Luxe gold

Let your colour scheme exude elegance with exquisite materials and alluring touches. The luxe gold is a tone-setter that adds glamour and elegance while matching up perfectly with other colours for a warm and attractive look.

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Savanna green

Introduce a touch of nature and let the organic vibes of a green and earthy look meet the contemporary expression of your interior. Reconnect with nature and refresh your home.

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Rustic red

A passionate colour to add a hearty and loving look to your home. But don’t be fooled; red is a true eye catcher. This rustic red will set your furniture apart and enrich your interior with a shade of impact and sophistication.

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Dusty rose

Add a soft and feminine touch without going overboard. The elegant dusty rose goes well with neutral colours to add a delicate and subtle expression. The light notes are perfect to highlight the features of your chosen design furniture.

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Coastal blue

Open your doors to a free and inspiring look that adds a light and elegant vitality to your decor. Carrying the sophistication and timelessness of black, the royal blue adds a refreshing yet classical touch to free up your space.

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Don’t worry, working in a monochrome colour scheme is anything but boring. It enables you to work with different shades, structures and materials while keeping a coordinated look of harmony and calmness.

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