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Marjorie Souza, Architect & Design Consultant, BoConcept Westchester, USA

I'm inspired by:
Danish design has always inspired me by its optimum balance between form and function. It is a style of functionalistic design and architecture that was developed in mid-20th century, influenced by the German Bauhaus school. The main idea of this concept is simplicity and functionalism to design buildings, furniture and household objects.

Favorite design:
My favorite BoConcept design is the Istra sofa. I love this light and elegant line that fits very well in any space, from traditional to contemporary. The long seat cushion gives a horizontal look that makes the sofa seem light and floating.

Favorite color:
I’m a big fan of the gray color. This is a neutral color that goes nice with any other color, texture and shape. The shade of gray gives an elegant, light and rich look to the space and it allows me to play with the mysteries of architecture.

Best tip:
I always recommend a neutral color for big pieces such as sofas. With the quality of our furniture, you will have this piece for many years. As time goes by, you may get tired of brighter colors. Choose trendy colors for cushions, artwork and other accessories. Don’t be afraid to mix styles, colors and materials; it gives a more modern look to the space and provides a trendy feeling that never goes away.

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