BoConcept Philadelphia

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Jill Book, Design Consultant, BoConcept Philadelphia, USA

Favorite design:
I am such a fan of the Mezzo sofa that I actually own it. The sofa is the definition of livable luxury. Not only does the sofa have timeless, modern design, but you can lounge on it for hours.

I love Philadelphia because:
I love Philadelphia because it is constantly growing and improving. There is an energy to the city that inspires me to explore new cuisines, art, fashion and design. The world is finally recognizing what I’ve know all along, “Philadelphia is the place to be!”

Best tip:
Use your vertical space. Whether adding critical storage, such as cabinets and shelves, or making a statement with a piece of artwork or mirror, walls provide valuable real estate. City homes have limited square footage, so you must go up.

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