BoConcept Los Angeles

Meet our Concepters

Charles Mullins

Favorite design:
All three of our  wall systems, since they integrate so well together. Product integration such as this allows me to achieve and provide optimal storage as well as a very unique and sophisticated design for my clients; one that is tailored especially for them. Whether my customers want a sophisticated or casual look, BoConcept wall systems can do it.

Favorite spot:
I love to split my time in my living room between laying on my comfortable sofa and the floor laying on my very plush and soft rug. It is here that I read, relax and compute on my laptop. For me this is the best place to feel the cool breeze that pours into my window as I unwind for the day. 

Don´t be afraid to:
Combine traditionally styled furnishings with BoConcept pieces. The clean lines of our furniture complement traditional furniture and architecture perfectly.