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Gerald Posley, Design Consultant, BoConcept Dumbo, New York City, USA

I'm inspired by:
Urbanity and art are my two greatest inspirations in design and in life! New York provides an amazing selection of great museums, galleries, performance venues, and street art to be inspired by daily. Living here is the ultimate urban experience and inspiration for me. 

Favorite design:
One of my favorite design pieces is the Milano dining table. It is such smart design and beautiful as well. I love the ease of use and the amazing range of expression available with the different finishes offered for this piece.

I love New York because:
I can have a full breakfast deli style for under $5. I can have Italian food for lunch just steps away from work and pass by one of the worlds most famous tourists attractions just crossing the street (the Manhattan bridge looking towards Manhattan and the Empire State building). I can take in some amazing street art on the way to the train created by one of the worlds most famous street artists (Shepard Fairey). I can have Thai food for dinner and cross the street for desert at a French pastry shop. I can take in a free performance by the many talented street musicians and dancers that work it out in the subways every day. There is no place like home and I love New York!

Best tip:
Be led by your likes. Always surround yourself by things that inspire you and incorporate those things into your decor. Your space should be where you recharge at the end of each day so make sure you have things around that give you life.

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Marcia Mendes, Design Consultant, BoConcept Dumbo, New York City, USA

Favorite design:
My favorite design within this collection is the Cupertino Wall Desk. I love clean and functional design and this simply is a great piece.
It’s space saving – I mean you have a desk flushed into a wall. It's small, but still has the perfect size that combines both integrated storage and a work space all in one. It has a great selection of materials on the details – the leather pad is perfect for the laptop, and it even works with a mouse. And my favorite feature- the speakers that you can connect to your phone via bluetooth!  I’m a music junkie so it’s perfect to play my deep house sounds, while I’m working on my laptop!

I love New York because:
I know, it’s a cliché, but I moved to New Year about 2 years ago and it is truly a fantastic experience! I love it - I believe there’s no city like this in the world.  It is truly a melting pot - you have access to all types of experiences that you wouldn’t have the opportunity to know anywhere else.
It is great to be in a city where you are surrounded by art. One of my favorite hobbies is to walk around the city just to admire the architecture, and then I find amazing pieces of street art all over...  And when you least expect it, you bump into a celebrity on a random street!
Having the possibility of going to different great Museums, is also a plus as big exhibits happen here all the time. And did I mention the food? You get the chance to try food from all over the world. I’m kind of addicted to Ramen now…

Best tip:
If you have a small space, always choose a sofa with high legs, as it will create less volume in a room. Also wall mounted pieces can make your room look bigger, and it’s easier to clean underneath the pieces! I had a customer who had lots of books in several free standing book shelves, which were dominating her entire living space. We condensed all into wall mounted bookshelves and now she still has the same amount of books in the shelves, but her living space looks so much bigger!