BoConcept Chelsea

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Giovanni Miranda, Senior Design Consultant, BoConcept Chelsea, New York

I love New York because:
the subways are unpleasant and it’s either too cold or too hot. Still, everyone in the world lives here. We squeeze in together because there’s an energy here on top of the granite glacier rock island. The rivers charge by either side, rushing out to sea like the millions of creative people churning the economy of the world. And we furnish their homes. Welcome home.

Don't be afraid to:
Don’t be afraid to match your rugs to your dogs. Seriously, a new rug can transform a space completely. Our silver-strip shaggy rugs can make 1950s furniture fresh and Art Deco pop. Move your best rug into the bedroom, and get a new one for the living room. Or give one away. It’s just a rug! You’re worth it.

Best tip:
The last time I answered this question I said that you should pick the color for your walls last and that’s still good advice. But if the colors are good, then perhaps evolve the look with a new accent splash. When was the last time you spruced up with a new red couch? A blue chair? Or an artsy rug? Surprise yourself with something new in terms of colors. Voila, you'll have a new vibe for a new chapter in life. Start living in tomorrow’s color!


Joey Accardo, Design Consultant, BoConcept Chelsea, New York, USA

Favorite design:
The Imola and the Veneto chair. They both have really natural and organic lines.

Favorite spot:
The bathroom because it’s a place of quietness. Here no one can bother me and it’s just me and my thoughts and that’s usually where I come up with my best ideas.

Don´t be afraid to:
I always say “Go big or go home” you only live once and you don’t want to regret anything you do. So just step outside your comfort zone and do it. I learned if you hold back then you regret not taking the chance.