Get inspired by Elisa and Eduardo's

Multifunctional Miami Concept

When Elisa and Eduardo moved to Florida, they sold their apartment in Sao Paolo, Brazil including all their furniture. Apart from a couple of blue vases and one bookcase they had to start all over with their new 2-bedroom apartment in downtown Miami. The result is a functional home where neutral and light color tones, clever storage ideas, and shiny surfaces optimize their space and make the rooms feel bigger than they are.

It feels bigger

Clever and stylish, the Milano table is the perfect addition to the open space living room. In a few seconds, Elisa and Eduardo can make the table bigger with the built-in extensions and the white color invites the beautiful Florida sunlight inside the apartment, making the table feel light and airy.

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The Miami Life

Elisa and Eduardo love to spend their weekends riding their bikes or skate boarding along the beach promenade. "It's a great way to take in the vibrant Miami vibe and sunny weather. There's always something new and exciting going on and we're having a great time here." says Elisa.

Meet the Design Consultant

Bibi Nøddesbo

Taking completely white walls and turning them into a home can be quite the challenge. This is exactly what our talented Design Consultant Bibi did for Elisa and Eduardo. "A bookcase and a couple of vases. These were the only things Elisa and Eduardo had in their new apartment. So here I really had to get to know them to see how I could help them," says Bibi. The result? A light and airy home with lots of clever furniture and storage ideas that make the rooms feel bigger than they are.

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Sofa Hunting

Having Bibi guide them through all of the sofa choices was a great advantage for the couple. "She made us sit in all of the sofas and talked to us, and listened to us", explains Elisa. In the end, the couple decided on a Mezzo sofa in a practical, light-toned fabric.

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