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Customization matters

Your world, your furniture

The world revolves around you and not around boring standardized furniture.
Make the furniture yours. Make the furniture fit your world! Have a small home? Choose intelligent design that makes the most of it. Or a big, triangular house? No problem, personalize the furniture to make it fit perfectly. At BoConcept, you choose your design, size, shape, color and material.

A personal touch

Customization is very close to our heart and concept. We love interior design and through passion and persistence, we create furniture designs that fit your personal lifestyle. Our concept is all about you, your world and your exciting, personal taste. So start designing, optimizing, combining and personalizing – we’re ready!

Make it yours

With BoConcept you’re not just buying off-the-rack furniture. Here you get a chance to make it fit your taste and your lifestyle. Follow these simple steps and get started on your own interior solution whether its choosing a new sofa or creating a new dining setting.

Step 1
Style selection

Step one is about finding the shape and style you like. If it’s a sofa you are looking for, check out the sofa overview. Whether it’s curved or straight, sharp lines or soft shapes – here is your overview of sofa systems to fit any contemporary taste. Choose your favorite design – maybe it’s the Osaka collection – and you’re ready for the next step. If you are looking for a dining chair, it’s the same process; go to the overview page, choose your favorite collection and start making it your own.

Step 2
Measurements and size

You’ve found the collection, and now it’s time to figure out the size that fits you, your family and your room. A big family and limited space doesn’t have to be a challenge.
When in doubt, connect with a BoConcept Design Consultant. Got your heart set on a sofa version with chaise longue? Select it and check the product details to find all relevant measurements. Got it? Great, then you’re on to step 3 where you indulge in fine materials and exciting colors.

Step 3
Materials and fabrics

Whether you are now on your favorite dining chair or sofa page, the task is the same. It’s time for colors and surfaces. Start playing around and optimize the design to fit your own personal style. Want to feel the touch of our quality leather in person – visit a store and get first-hand experience along with guidance from our talented Design Consultants.

Let's get started

The personal style matters

From gray to red, from wooden to metallic, from small to large… We know the choices can be overwhelming! Our Design Consultants have created exciting room sets, cases and style tips to inspire and help you design furniture that matches your personal lifestyle.

Be inspired