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What drives our designers to be the best? Learn more about our in-house creatives that transform your space from a house into a home. 

Signe Bojesen

Today we are talking to our resident Danish
interior designer Signe Bojesen from Auckland. She has been part of the BoConcept team for over 2 years filling the showroom with her effortless calm
and patience while she guides clients through various design projects. With a degree from The School of Interior Design Copenhagen, she brings a knowledge base from the epicenter of design to all of her projects, whether large or small. Having traveled all around the world, she pulls inspiration from where she’s been and sparks creativity here for clients throughout Auckland. Filling her home with small decorations and textiles from overseas makes her truly feel at home, wherever that may be. Find out about her life behind the scenes, traveling the world and turning an old pub into a home.

Interior Designer Auckland

Using my hands and transforming ideas into reality is something I’ve been encouraged to do my whole life. I like to work with textiles and have multiple projects going all the time. At the moment, I’m making a handbag from some beautiful, full-aniline leather that used to be a sample from the BoConcept collection

Auckland Interior Designer

Where do you find creative inspiration?

I stay updated with design trends around the world, but living away from home really makes me appreciate my favourite Danish design blogs. Of course, I have so much admiration for the classic Danish architects like Børge Mogensen, Hans Wegner and Arne Jackobsen. They all designed amazing furniture 70 years ago and have shown us how simplicity, functionality and quality can be combined. Seeing the world is also a huge part of my life and such a source of inspiration. My husband and I spent 6 months travelling throughout the Middle East and Asia. Visiting Iran and seeing all of their ancient buildings was absolutely incredible. The mosques with their amazing tile work was breathtaking and beyond inspiring. 

Auckland Interior Designer


Scandinavian - light and soft with a combination of new and old. I like natural finishes and will always try to
highlight time-honoured characteristics to create an interesting space with a sense of history. 

What is your design background?

I grew up in a very creative family and spent countless hours as a child watching and helping my father in his workshop. He was a craftsman who made props and sets for theaters all around Denmark. My love of craft led me to study interior design from the School of Interior Design Copenhagen. I was able to study an online, remote program to join my husband in Qatar for his work. This gave me the incredible experience of living and traveling all around the world while honing in on my love of design.

Why BoConcept?

I had just finished my interior design degree before moving to New Zealand. Right after moving to Auckland I was offered a position with BoConcept. I feel so unbelievably lucky to have this amazing opportunity to work with Danish design from my home country while living in this beautiful place. The people I have met through my work have made this incredible experience even better. 

What is your favourite boconcept piece? 

I purchased the Ogi chair in Chester Cognac leather just two months after joining BoConcept! The overall simplicity with the gently curved seat covered in beautiful tan leather deserved the prime spot in my living room.

Interior Designer Auckland BoConcept Signe

What projects have you been working on lately?

A recent project I did was really interesting. A couple wanted to fit out their newly renovated apartment that was once an old pub! The unit was part of an entirely renovated character building in Devonport with natural light from all sides and an amazing view over the water. We decided to go with a bright turquoise colour feature to bring the ocean and nature into their beautiful, open space. 

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