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interior designers of boconcept

What drives our designers to be the best? Learn more about our in-house creatives that transform your space from a house into a home. 

rodrigo vidal

Meet Rodrigo Vidal of BoConcept. He is the outgoing, enthusiastic and incredibly witty staple to the Auckland team. Rodrigo has been working in the showroom for the past 2 years and has really made his mark on New Zealand. An expat from Chile, he’s now made this city his home and brings an artistic flair to his design plans all around the Auckland area. His own interior style has evolved into a naturally driven, simple, textural palette now inspired by island living, but regardless of his own
taste, he always focuses on working towards finding the client’s own personal style within every project. Find out more about Rodrigo’s life as a yogi, an inspiring design project and his new sofa!


The most important aspect of a project is where I connect and create a bond with my clients. I listen to them, help develop their thoughts and then come up with an
idea they never imagined.

BoConcept Moodboard

What is your background in design? 

I have always been involved with construction and raw materials. My grandfather was a wonderfully creative builder who would drive me around Viña del Mar showing off his “chalets” that he built all over the city. This upbringing led me to practice fine art, but in that time I truly found my roots and passion with living spaces. In Chile I studied in a program of interior architecture and furniture design for 6 years at Universidad Viña del Mar. I think the way that my university approached interiors with a strong arts backbone planted the seed of looking at everything from all angles. During my final year I was already working for a bespoke interior design firm in Santiago. I fell in love with the process of creating a complete project from the interior fitting through to the furnishings with the customer from day one. The firm owned its own factory, so it was simple to scale a piece bigger or smaller and have endless material choices. This extreme customization and innovation was really the best part!

BoConcept Interior Designer

How did you come to work for BoConcept?

I moved from Chile in 2010. It was an amazing place to live, but I really craved more and wanted to see the world. After visiting Australia for a while I moved to Auckland to continue working in my field of design and interiors. I consulted for a tiling company and got to know a lot about my new country, the people and New Zealand’s design landscape. While this was a great intro into life here, I was craving a position more akin to what I was doing in Chile. One of my good friends has been part of the BoConcept family for many years and she knew I would be a great fit for their team. I jumped at the chance when a position opened up and am so extremely happy I did!


I've heard so many times, “my designer wants me to go for white, but I don't even like white!” My best advice for clients is to remember that this is their home and they know what’s right for them. I'm totally eclectic in my own designs - our house is completely us and showcases both of our personalities with every piece telling a story. This mantra carries through to client projects as I guide them through dissecting what they love to find their own design voice.


A longtime yoga and meditation practice is my sacred space where I can recharge and unwind from my busy lifestyle. Practicing lots of different yoga styles inspires me to keep coming back to my mat everyday. This dedication has given me so much focus for my practice and also within my daily life.


carlton sofa

What’s your favourite BoConcept piece?

Personally I love the Carlton sofa, such a handsome, tailored piece while still feeling extremely cozy. It’s on order for me now and I’m so excited to have this incredible piece of furniture in my home. I call this my sofa in high heels!

BoConcept Roomplanner

Can you share a memorable project?

I have had the pleasure of working on so many interesting and varied projects throughout my years with BoConcept, but this project really stood out because of my collaboration with the client. She and I worked on both of our ideas in the 3D RoomPlanner together. Our connection grew by developing her ideas through my design lens. We were able to build her space and place furnishings in unison creating a space that totally fit her needs. Now she has a beautiful living space, inspired by her son’s incredible art, that truly embodies her. 

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