Home office chairs

Working from home? Need a comfortable place to study? Stay focused on the job at hand with a designer office chair from our premium collection and enjoy lasting comfort throughout your day.
  • Dining chairs - Ottawa chair - Brown - Fabric
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    Brown, Fabric, Lacquered

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  • Dining chairs - Ottawa chair - Brown - Leather
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    Brown, Leather, Lacquered

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  • Home office design chair
    Whether it’s a place for you to study or work from home, your office should be a space meant for productivity and comfort without unnecessary distractions. Creating a workspace that’s both efficient and inspiring starts with looking at where you’ll be spending the majority of your time – your office chair.

    A great office chair lets you focus on the task at hand while providing support and comfort throughout the day. The Cupertino collection from BoConcept merges workspace and living space to create elegant furniture with plenty of storage options. The Adelaide chair offers comfortable seating during lengthy working sessions and our many choices in designs, materials and colours lets you find a model that’s right for you.

    Read more on the possibilities of integrated storage and customisable furniture in our detailed guide to the perfect home office.