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How to select your furniture style

You’ve trawled listings for months on end and viewed one hopelessly cramped or hideously overpriced house after another. After stumbling across your dream property, you’ve fought off competition and sat tight through the legal back-and-forth. Finally, you’ve been handed the front door keys.
You push it open and… now what?

The satisfaction of stepping over the threshold is only the beginning of the journey. Now you’re faced with a blank canvas, a bewilderingly empty mass of carpet and wall that needs turning into a home. You might be full of ideas about colours and layouts, and you might be bringing in items from your last home – but when it comes to furniture style, how do you start to unify everything
that’s bouncing around your head?

Selecting furniture that suits the room

Whether your new home is full of straightforward rectangles or the kind of awkwardly shaped spaces that leave you scratching your head, it’s important to establish the ideal layout for each room. The first thing to figure out is the purpose – and be realistic. The estate agent called it a dining room, but are you going to eat at the table every night?

Decide what you want your room to be centred around – a table, the TV, the fireplace – and work outwards from there. If there’s not a lot of light entering the room, choose furniture that will direct and bounce the light around.

Most importantly the style of furniture will be determined by how you want it to feel. If you’re going for cosy, then wooden furnishings, dark colours and overstuffed seating are the ticket. On the other hand, if it’s airy and chic you’re going for, choose furniture that’s slim in design, doesn’t cover the walls and isn’t wildly mismatched in size.

How do I pick the right sofa?

Choosing your sofa is a big decision. Not only are you going to spend countless hours on it, but it’s one of the most expensive items of furniture you’ll buy and a focal point of your whole home. Before you start, there are a few factors to consider.

Function. Firstly, what’s your sofa for? It sounds like an obvious question, but is it going to be your primary lounging spot or is it more likely to be perched on by the occasional guest? A sofa bed can be a great option for extra hosting space, too.

Size. Do you need a two-seater, a three-seater or a corner sofa? Consider whether two seats is really enough or whether you want some stretch-out room. You might even opt for a modular sofa – separate pieces you can put together how you like.

Material. This depends on two things – comfort and context. Your preference for snuggling down into fabric or leather is one thing – but if you’ve got pets, young children or other high-risk messmakers, you might want to opt for the latter.

Style. Finally, consider the living room look you’re going for. The kind of all-embracing, overstuffed sofa you can lose yourself in will look out of place in a room that’s otherwise chic and minimalist, so select accordingly.

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How do I choose the right bedroom furniture?

Once you’ve chosen the right bed, it’s time to bring the rest of the room to life. Keep these pointers in mind to make sure your bedroom becomes exactly what you need it to be.

Keep it simple. Don’t over-clutter this important space with storage units, soft furnishings or even decorative touches. A clean, calming bedroom is key to a good night’s sleep, so this should be the aim of anything you put in there. Bedside tables, a rug and somewhere for your clothes are of course essential, but don’t let it feel like a spare bedroom by cramming in as many of your possessions as possible.

Choose and use colour wisely. Your bedroom wall isn’t the place for dramatic or dark colours, and the same applies to furniture choices. Pastel greens, warm blues and even pale yellows are perfect for lifting your mood in the morning – and if your bedroom is painted white, choosing furniture in these colours will stop it feeling too clinical. If you can’t find furniture in the right colour, you can always paint it!

Find clever storage solutions. It’s all very well suggesting that storage furniture be kept to a minimum in the interests of aesthetics and a good night’s sleep. However, those clothes have got to go somewhere – so think about how you can maximise storage without encroaching on floor space. Choosing a bed with built-in storage or picking furniture that will slot into alcoves will help you find the right balance.

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Should all furniture in a room match?

Choosing a matching set of furniture can be a powerful way to tie a room together, creating a unified space with a distinct identity. However, what’s more important is that your furniture choices reflect your identity – meaning there’s no correct answer to this question.

Don’t be afraid to mix colours and textures but, whatever your preference, do find a unified style. A slim, long-legged sofa will be dwarfed by a chunky shelving unit and look out of place. If uniformity isn’t for you then the last thing you’ll want is to be surrounded by it, but remember that even if you’re going for mismatched then the same rules still apply.

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