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Smart Space Saving Tips by Leading Interior Designers

Customisation plays an integral role in the design and development of your household, and at BoConcept we believe that you should be making the most out of every square inch of it.

Naturally, you want your furniture to look amazing. But a remarkable piece of furniture is one that can look great as well as be multifunctional. A piece that is equally attractive as it is versatile.

The BoConcept brand is celebrated for its diverse approach in designing furniture that will enable you make the most out of your living space. For instance, extendable dining tables can free up space in the kitchen and open up with ease when entertaining guests. These are the most satisfying designs because they entwine practicality with perfection.

We want to inspire you to find the right solution for your home. Whether you require tips on how to arrange the furniture or just don’t know which accessories will open up your room, we aspire to address your practical needs and your lifestyle.

Here we acknowledge the industry’s leading interior design blogger’s as they offer their expertise on living smarter, not smaller. We are certain that their tips and tricks will take you on a journey to transform your home into a storage haven with style.

Caroline from

"Pick your favorite items and hide the rest."

By putting the best accessories on display you will be giving them the attention they deserve. Being able to hide away your stuff is essential for making your space look bigger.

Go for clever storage – an ottoman with a hidden compartment. Using carpets and lights can create space within a space, dividing it up into different sections. But most importantly, make it practical for you and your own space. Practicality is surprisingly subjective and finding the right layout for you is the key to making a tiny space super-efficient.

Daily Dalili is a Swedish design and travel blog created by industrial designer Caroline Ø. Dalili. | @DaliliDesign


Mette from

“How many purposes does your product have?”

Always think of functionality and storage when you decorate. Whether you are thinking of buying a new piece of furniture or adding one more flower pot to your collection; try to peel away every emotional attachment. Instead you should think of how many purposes said product has.

I once rented a room of nine square meters and still managed to fit in my bed, a dining table with chairs, a clothing rack, a dresser and a sideboard for my television, plus the content of ten moving boxes.

Mette Lind Jørgensen is the founder and editor of the Danish design blog Designrevolution.

Charlotte from

“Reuse it in another room”

Whenever I buy a new piece of furniture, I always think about whether I can use it in more than one location in our home. My first choice is to move the furniture I have already got around and reuse it in another room. If I cannot use them in my living room later, I will not buy it. This is a space saving precaution, because I don’t end up with different types of furniture that I don’t have any use for later on. The trick is to always move things around, in order to fit your different needs.

Espresso Moments is an interior design blog created by Charlotte Stubben | @EspressoMoments

Gabrielle from

“Make use of the space on your walls”

An important thing to remember in order to save space is to make use of your walls. Adding functional design elements to your walls can be a great way to include style and storage at the same time. Items like floating shelves to hold your books and accessories are very helpful. Also using wall pendant lights will allow for more space on your side tables. Even adding a storage pole to display pots, towels or kitchen utensils can be a perfect way to show off your favourite pieces while providing great storage too.

Gabriella Palumbo is the founder of the award winning design blog FLAT 15. | @flatfifteen 

Nina from

“Always remember to take accurate measurements”

When designing in a small space it is very important to utilize every surface. That is why I like to take the height of the space into consideration. This can be used for shelves and storage units. Keep in mind that decluttered space appears bigger so closed storage is a great option. Multipurpose furniture pieces are another great way of saving valuable space. When choosing furniture pieces for small spaces go for timeless yet practical pieces that don't overcrowd the space. Always remember to take accurate measurements!

Nina Stajner is a Slovenian architect and winner of the Innovative Interior Design - Month of Design Slovenia.

Mette from

“Place a mirror opposite a window”

Small spaces have their constraints, but they encourage us to be more creative. Your colour choices make a difference. Don’t go too dark with your furniture and paint if you live in a small apartment. Neutral colours and muted hues will complement and enlarge any space. Use window sills for storage or desk space. Layer your collections or favourite things that represent you. Style them creatively to achieve an eclectic focal point. Remember to decorate with a minimalist mind-set. Place a mirror opposite a window. It’ll instantly bounce light around the room and make the space feel larger.

Mette Jakobsen is a freelance idea generator and founder of the interior blog; Monster Circus. | @monstercircus1

Nicola from

“Use the wall space above doors”

Choose your furniture carefully.  Don’t be tempted to buy small pieces of furniture which could result in the scheme looking bitty, but instead think of the form of the pieces you are buying.  Lots of legs on a dining table and chairs can look untidy and cluttered.  Choosing a table with simple legs and adding ghost chairs will take up much less visual space without compromising on the function of the room.

Don’t forget to think vertically.  Can you hang a cupboard on a wall above a radiator, for example?  The wall space above doors also makes a great spot for an additional shelf.

Nicola’s engineering background enables her to think outside of the box when it comes to creating clever solutions. | @nhdesigns


Sarah from

“Place loose objects into baskets”

My two greatest tips for saving space are organization and thinking outside the box. Visualize your space and the furniture that inhabits it in a functional way. Place loose objects into baskets or bins- style them into your shelves and existing décor. This makes a room seem clean, large, and open.

Prior to buying a new piece of furniture, determine how it will influence your space. For example, a round storage ottoman might be a better choice than a solid wood drum coffee table. They might be the same size, but one maximizes the interior space more wisely.

Sarah is the founder of lifestyle blog, Room for Tuesday | @roomfortuesday

Kirsten from

“Buffet and credenzas are a must for storage”

When you’re trying everything and anything to utilize your space to its fullest potential, don’t think small. Large mirrors are of my favorite tips for small spaces. They open up the room which automatically makes for a larger concept. Buffet and credenzas are a must because of the storage that they offer. They’re not only built for storage but a great way to display your decor. And of course, the classic gallery wall. Adding a gallery wall with your favorite prints, old and new, adds extra texture.

Kirsten uses Simply Grove as a creative outlet for all things aesthetically beautiful. | @simplygrove


Sarah from

“Use furniture with a slim profile”

Use furniture and products with a slim profile and small footprint. If you’re in a small area the last thing you want to be doing is adding bulk. There are some great floor lamps and sofas that don’t take up lots of space, and I especially like sofas that are raised with legs. That way you can hide things under the sofa without anyone seeing. Don’t get carried away with loads of furniture that sits on the floor. Look into shelving and storage that sits up on the walls and doesn’t have a footprint.

Sarah Akwisombe is an award winning design blogger and interior stylist. | @SarahAkwisombe