An up-close view of the Calgary storage with dropdown front in natural oak veneer.
Wall units, sideboards, cabinets

Storage Care Guide

Over time, you may experience that doors and drawers do not open as smoothly. We suggest regular adjustment of the hinges on doors and drawers to avoid this.

Care instructions:

  • Furniture fittings must be tightened 6-8 weeks after delivery and thereafter on a yearly basis, depending on the intensity of use.

  • The surface of your furniture should not come in contact with hot and/or moist/wet containers/materials. We always recommend using coasters or placemats.

  • To prevent permanent marks, do not leave objects in the same position on furniture during the first 6-8 weeks. After this time the furniture should be fully saturated.

  • Do not place furniture near air conditioners, radiators or heat vents as they can cause deformation, discolouration, warping and/or cracking.

  • Do not use furniture when multiple doors and drawers are open simultaneously. It can cause forward inclination of the centre of gravity and result in the furniture tilting over.

  • When halogen lighting is illuminated the surface glass becomes very hot. Touching directly may result in burns.

  • Do not use electrical appliances that are above the capacity of the socket. It could potentially lead to fire.

  • When moving or relocating furniture we recommend at least two persons move the item by lifting at either end of the furniture. Do not drag furniture. After moving, re-tighten bolts and screws before use.