How to clean and care for leather furniture

Leather Care Guide

Leather upholstery is timeless yet symbolises contemporary luxury at its best. As a lifestyle choice, leather designs enhance the aesthetics of your home, bringing character and durable comfort for years to come. The question is, how do you keep it looking like new?

Don’t worry and relax in the knowledge that, with just a little care, leather remains soft, rich in colour and eternally luxe.

Easy leather protection

Stretching and creasing with time is one of the most captivating qualities of leather, adding unique character across the years. From the beginning, and throughout this natural process, we recommend treating leather designs with BoConcept Leather Protection Cream, two to four times a year. The formulation moisturises leather to guard against colour fading, while maintaining softness. This allows your design’s character to form beautifully, with its new appearance intact.

Three BoConcept leather care products on draped caramel leather.

Leather care

If treated correctly, leather will look good for years and require very little maintenance.

In order to retain the softness and attractive appearance, start by treating with BoConcept Leather Protection Cream, which contains the necessary nutritional fat and moisture components.

Recommended usage 2-4 times a year as required.

Clean leather with BoConcept Leather Cleaner. Preferably 2-4 times a year if the furniture is used daily. Don't rub! Sponge gently until all grime and stains are absorbed. Afterwards always use BoConcept Leather Protection cream. Please remember to read the instruction that comes with the products carefully.

General care instructions for leather

  • Always protect your leather furniture against direct sunlight.

  • Never place your furniture too close to a radiator or similar source of heat. Make sure that there is minimum 20-30 cm space between your furniture and your heat source. If next to fire places/stoves make sure the distance is at least 100cm.

  • Careful vacuum cleaning on a regular basis is recommended.

  • Only use the soft brush nozzle on your vacuum cleaner.

  • After vacuum cleaning, dust off with a soft neutral coloured cloth soaked in lukewarm water. After wiping furniture with this cloth, wipe it off again with a dry cloth.

Special attention

Over the years, aniline leather will become even more beautiful and add character to the furniture piece.

Due to the colouring method used, the colour fastness of aniline leather is lower compared to corrected leather, so the leather needs extra protection from sunlight to avoid fading. Before putting the furniture piece to use, we recommend that you treat the leather with BoConcept Leather Protection Cream to obtain a surface that is easier to maintain. Without treatment, the leather will quickly be sensitive to liquids, dirt, etc. and consequently be harder to clean. At the same time we recommend that you use the other BoConcept Leather Care products.