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Ex-display offers

We are always updating our showroom and therefore reducing many of our floor models.

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Was £189

Now £125

Was £869

Now £695

Was £639

Now £445

Was £799

Now £399

Was £3,755

Now £2,645

Was £2,215

Now £1,439

Was £6,119

Now £4,275

Was £7,136

Now £3,495

Was £3,850

Now £2,695

Was £1,399

Now £1,049

Was £3,984

Now £2,389

Was £1,691

Now £1,268

Was £419

Now £225

Was £1,439

Now £1,079

Was £1,439

Now £1,079

Was £2,645

Now £1,845

Was £8,690

Now £5,995

Was £2,645

Now £1,983

Was £2,645

Now £1,983

Was £7,992

Now £5,994

Was £7,992

Now £5,994

Was £869

Now £608

Was £2,823

Now £1,975

Was £2,862

Now £1,990

Was £4,107

Now £3,490

Was £1,399

Now £979

Was £1,429

Now £1,214

Was £1,569

Now £785

Was £11,972

Now £9,577

Offers are subject to availability.

Ex display furniture on sale

Ex display clearance

The ex display section of the BoConcept website is your place to find reduced furniture. It’s a clearance of designs that are being replaced in the local showroom. We have ex display sofas, chairs, tables, beds and more in an ever changing offer.

If you cannot find the item you are looking for at the moment, check back later and it might have been added.

Ex display designer furniture

The collection of display furniture for sale is a selection of reduced furniture that are no longer used in the showroom in your local store and that the store therefore has put on offer. In this way, this site function as the store’s furniture outlet and allows you a chance to walk away with reduced designer furniture.

All types of designs

We’re constantly updating our showroom and will therefore here present a varying selection. Sometimes you will find ex display beds, ex display chairs and ex display sideboards, while you at other times will find a completely different offer like ex display coffee tables and sofas. The furniture sample sale only consists of the offers presented here, and they are subject to availability. You will therefore have to act fast to secure these designs.

Come and try

Though these designs are moving out of the showroom and no longer are used as display furniture, many are still available for you to sample, touch and see up close. Click on a design you like to find the location of the product along with details on how we can arrange for you to see the product.

Design furniture on sale

The ex display furniture is your chance to get your hands on design furniture at reduced prices. It’s our way of doing a clearance in the form of an online outlet and hereby have a small sale on selected designs.

Get free input from an interior designer

Restyling can be a challenge and many small and large decisions need to be made. Get free input and make sure your vision comes to life in the most beautiful way.

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Look. Touch. Sit. Lounge. Visit us in our stores, touch the materials, try out all the furniture and let our talented in store teams help you find the right furniture for you.

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