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Fabric swatches are a great way to see what colours, finishes and textures works best in your home. That's why our material samples are complimentary.

Explore our fabric and materials guide and discover over 120 ways to customise our furniture designs to suit your space and style.

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1. Explore Fabrics

Dive into our curated selection of premium fabrics and materials. Find your perfect match from luxurious velvets to to high-quality leathers.

2. Get Free Samples

Choose up to five different fabric swatches, and you can count on us for a quick delivery to your doorstep.

3. Feel & Visualise at Home

Once your samples arrive, feel the textures and see how they interact with your home's lighting and décor.

4. Customise Furniture

After finalising your choice, integrate your fabric into any BoConcept furniture piece, online or in-store.


When it comes to decorating your home, fabric swatches and material samples are key. Not only do they give you a better idea of the colour, texture, and overall look and feel of different materials, they allow you to see how they work with other elements of your interior. Create your dream furniture design with confidence by taking advantage of our free upholstery fabric samples.

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Order free swatches and explore the materials in the context of your home.

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Fabric or Leather

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Bouclé is a soft, cosy and welcoming texture that adds depth and dimension to your interior. Made up of a combination of looped and woven wool, it's one of the leading design trends for the new season.

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