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Our designers are international award winners and have years of experience creating best-selling furniture. They work directly with us to provide you with stylish, high quality and functional furniture. You won´t find the designs they´ve created for us anywhere else in the world.

Karim Rashid

"The object should include a sense of humanity. Something soft that touches you and makes you feel at ease."
Karim Rashids is one of the most creative designers of his generation.

Anders Nørgaard

"I always strive to add som kind of characteristic detail that will define the sofa and give it a personality of its own."
Anders Nørgaard is a leading Danish designer.

Oki Sato, nendo

"We want to give something more with our design.
A little twist that cathes the eye and creates a small moment."

Oki Sato, nendo´s founder, number one on "Designers Hot List" (dezeen). We want to reconstitute the everyday moments by collecting and reshaping them into something that´s easy to understand.

René Hougaard

"I create designs that, from my point of view, are beautiful, but most importantly are functional and make a difference in everyday life."
Design visionary René Hougaard.

Frans Schrofer

"My overall guiding principle is to create tools for living."
Frans Schrofer has been a leading light of Dutch furniture design for the past three decades.

Morten Georgsen

"Furnishing is a practical need we have, and in that sense, we all deserve good style and quality that works."
Morten Georgsen is based in Valencia, Spain and he is passionate about Danish design.

Henrik Pedersen

"It´s the materials that make the difference and open up new possibilities."
Henrik Pedersen has an intuitive ability to quickly decide if a new design will work or not.