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Company: Ronald McDonald House Tübingen, Germany

Project type: Apartment Rooms

Challenge: The Ronald McDonald House program provides a 'home-away-from-home' for families with hospitalised children so they can stay close at little or no cost. The greatest challenge in this project was to make the apartment rooms’ interior and the architectural design of the building go hand in hand while still achieving a homelike feeling in the apartments. The Ronald McDonald house is filled with light passing through and a ‘hovering’ second floor. Furthermore, the interior had to be modern, functional and comfortable to give the families a place to relax and escape from the everyday hospital life. The house offers two community kitchens, a relaxing bath, a 'room of silence', different living zones, two TV-rooms, a library, two washing rooms and two terraces.

Solution: Together with the Hamburg architect Hadi Teherani, we made a solution where the interior and the architectural design created a beautiful symbiosis. The BoConcept collection offered exactly the possibilities needed both in regards to functionality and comfort to create a place where the families of hospitalised children can relax. The feedback, both from the Ronald McDonald house and the families staying in the apartments, is very positive and the foundation and BoConcept has intensified the cooperation and have already worked together on more projects.

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